Dual Survival’s Grady Powell stirs up marriage rumors with sweet photo updates

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Believe it or not, one of the most common questions folks ask about Discovery hit Dual Survival is “Are the Dual Survival guys gay?” It’s difficult to understand why, considering that both seasoned vet (and recent retirée) Grady Powell and new hand Josh James are regular updaters on social media. As devoteés of the pair’s social media followings know, both men have very separate family lives on opposite sides of the globe–so here’s a slightly different kind of Dual Survival photo gallery, one that highlights life for the hosts when the only cameras are their own.

To begin with, recently departed host Grady Powell is not married, but he and his long-term girlfriend Kristi inspire questions of marital timing on the regular. It’s easy to see why:

Date night with @krissanne heading to @lukebryan

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Take us or leave us… We are happy together. Backwards as hell but happy. @krissanne @hairofthedogstl

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"Sometimes home isn't inside four walls, but rather between two arms" @krissanne

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Possibly departed host Josh “The Kiwi Bushman” James, on the other hand, is married, and has been for several years. Though his Instagram feed is usually full of breathtaking nature photography, he does occasionally share an image of his wife, or their two sons, Jack and Charlie:

Headshot hare stew for dinner

A photo posted by Josh James Kiwi Bushman (@thekiwibushman) on

Just make her laugh

A photo posted by Josh James Kiwi Bushman (@thekiwibushman) on

Sonny Jim

A photo posted by Josh James Kiwi Bushman (@thekiwibushman) on

Poochie nanas

A photo posted by Josh James Kiwi Bushman (@thekiwibushman) on

In addition, new Dual Survival host Jeff Zausch is also married; he and Gabby have been husband and wife for three years. She’s an occasional presence in Jeff’s Instagram feed, as well:

Fellow new host EJ Snyder is likewise married, though he’s quite a bit more private than his fellow Dual Survival alums. EJ’s wife Amy doesn’t appear in his social media feeds, nor does she come up very often in interviews. We do know, thanks to this 2014 piece, that Amy has Scots-Irish roots stretching back to the Lewis Clan, and that she took him to Cracker Barrel for grilled catfish upon EJ’s successful return from his first Naked And Afraid shoot.

Dual Survival airs Wednesday nights on Discovery.

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