Pamela Anderson puts her ‘Baywatch’ bathing suit on and hits the beach at 45

Pamela Anderson recently took her iconic red one-piece swimsuit out of retirement for a Baywatch-inspired commercial, and much to the dismay of women everywhere, she looks just as good at 45 as she did in her 20’s. On Friday afternoon, the blonde bombshell was spotted running on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, rescue tube in hand, channeling her former role as C.J. Parker.

During the commercial shoot, Pam was seen giving mouth-to-mouth to a lucky fellow actor. No word on what had happened to him but we’re guessing Pam took his breath away.

Pam is getting ready to return to the spotlight  in the upcoming Dancing With The Stars: All Stars and judging by her most recent bathing suit photos, she’s in tip-top shape — but when was she ever not?

“Having the opportunity to dance, being in a strong man’s arms, feeling loved, helps me,” Pam recently blogged on her website. “It helps to deal with the pain and angst in my life. I’m exploring all possible avenues. I want to survive. I am a mom. I want my kids to be proud of me — and have people see me for me.”

Pam will be dancing with Tristan McManus when she returns to the reality show and although he wasn’t her season 10 partner, she has no reservations about dancing with someone new. “I adore Tristan,” Pam gushed. “I think we have a common thread, coming from working class people, trying to make it all work. To have this as a job? And to be so revealing? What a curious blessing.”

To see more of Pamela Anderson, tune in to DWTS when it debuts on Monday, September 24 on ABC.

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