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FAST N LOUD Christie Brimberry explains Facebook fan page links helped pay for cancer treatment

Gas Monkey Garage office manager and Fast N' Loud star Christie Brimberry is like many celebrities in that her official Facebook fan page often shares stories as part of a link-sharing revenue partnership. After receiving one too many negative comments about the posts, Christie penned a frustrated explanation in which she reveals that the posts helped pay for her cancer treatment, which included "EXTENSIVE surgery and treatment that would financially ruin most people!"

FAST N’ LOUD Christie Brimberry cancer battle update

Fast N' Loud star Christie Brimberry announced in October that doctors had discovered cancer in her throat resulting a surgical procedure to remove her thyroid, part of her trachea, and a lymph node cluster. Keep reading for all of Christie's updates throughout the recovery and radiation treatment process, including having to deal with the loss of her voice after the nerve to her voice box was severed during her thyroidectomy.