Fast N’ Loud office manager Christie Brimberry bikini photos

Fast N Loud Christie Brimberry bikini photo

Season 4 of Discovery’s hit Fast N’ Loud started off with a ratings bang as the Gas Monkey Garage guys, and of course our girl Christie Brimberry, brought in the highest numbers in the history of the show.

Via tvbythenumbers:

Discovery Channel’s FAST N’ LOUD broke viewership records on Sept 2 and was the #1 program in cable  among Persons and Men 25-54 delivery (excluding sports) and the #2 program in ALL OF TELEVISION (excluding sports) on Monday among M25-54.

Christie Fast N' Loud in a bikini

The viewership numbers from the ratings round-up shows that nearly 3 million tuned in to see the episode “Dale Jr.’s Sick Nomad.” That’s a hot start that was only made hotter when the producers managed to get office manager Christie to join in with some bikini-clad, pool-pulling fun during the show!

I profiled up Christie previously after realizing that I wasn’t alone in daydreaming about the aloof and straight-forward manager rotating my tires. Any post I found via Gas Monkey Garage’s Facebook Page that included Richard’s right-hand woman was peppered with comments from fans who made sure to express how much they enjoyed seeing her on the show.

Fast N' Loud Christie Brimberry bikini

Now I’m not taking credit for all this success, but is it just a coincidence that the show made such a big “splash” when it featured a little bit of Christie in a little swimming attire? It dang sure didn’t hurt from this viewer’s perspective!

In addition to her full sleeve tattoo, we were treated to Christie’s impressive flower stomach ink as well. You know, wasn’t the idea of getting this inflatable pool to cool things off? Like some of Richard’s fast deals, I think that backfired thanks to office management!


Make sure to tune in to brand new episodes of Fast N’ Loud each Monday on Discovery at 9/8c. In addition, the network frequently re-airs episodes. To find out when you can veg and watch some restoration magic, check out the show’s upcoming broadcast schedule here.

Until next time, keep cool everybody – and maybe keep your shirt on (Tom) while you’re at it!


Photos: Discovery

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