PHOTO Fast N’ Loud assistant Christie Brimberry’s TBT is Aquanetastic!

Christie Brimberry Throwback Thursday photo

It’s been a while since I checked in with my number one favoritist reality TV crush and wouldn’t you just know that Richard Rawlings’ assistant Christie Brimberry, from Discovery’s hit show Fast N’ Loud, dropped a Throwback Thursday photo that reminded me of my middle school/high school crushes of yesteryear!

Sweet child o’ mine that is some spectacularly big hair along with a truly red, white and blue American get up complete with shiny white boots. Christie shared the photo today to her over 70,000 followers on Facebook (I remember when girl had under 500) with the caption, “Well, we all had our awkward years, right? Here’s my throw back. Gotta love Drill Team!”

When one of her fans asked Christie just how long it had been since that bad rascal was taken she didn’t hesitate by answering, “25 years ago.”

Christie recently celebrated her birthday and was gracious as usual for all the well wishes she received.

This classic is dedicated to Gas Monkey Garage’s queen bee as a belated blogger happy birthday and as thanks to bringing me back to those Friday nights at the roller skating rink from so long ago 🙂

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