VIDEO Fast N’ Loud’s Christie Brimberry answers fan’s (appropriate) questions


In one of my own most-anticipated videos of the year, the fellers with Gas Monkey Garage of Fast N’ Loud fame has published their get to know video featuring Starcasm crush, Christie Brimberry.

GMG asked fans to submit their questions to Christie and the office manager was kind enough to oblige 5 of the offerings, and had to probably ignore about a gazillion “perverted” ones, in a great piece that helps us all get to know her a little better.

We profiled Christie up before and did a bikini pics post but had to admit we didn’t know much personally about the fan favorite. Check it out followed by a full transcript, a pic of her favorite tattoo as well as a vintage Brimberry photo gem!

Andrew Vidal: How did you end up with the Monkeys?!

Christie: If you guys actually watched the first couple of episodes I came in… Richard is a client of my husband, my husband does hair (and makes many of us red line with jealousy), and he [Richard] came in and asked my husband if I could come to work for him. They needed someone to kind of handle the accounting and some of the scheduling. Never in a hundred years did I think it would turn into this grand, whatever this is, but it did. So, that’s how I ended up with Richard and Gas Monkey.

Paul Smith: How do you cope with Tom?

Christie: Well… Very carefully. Tom is a very interesting person. He’s super sweet and super annoying all at the same time. I have to remind Tom that he is inside, otherwise if I don’t he gets really loud and obnoxious — like a really bad hyper-active kid. So, we have to kick him out. Those are the only two options. It’s either shut up or go outside.

Bobby Wiggins: Who did your tattoos?

Christie: I have two artists, Stephen Hibbs did a couple of them and Mark Thompson did the rest of them and they’re both local here in Dallas. I love them and I’m scared to go to anybody else.

Daniel Simmons: What is your favorite tattoo, and why?

Christie: My favorite tattoo is my very first one. It is a constant reminder of how stupid I was when I was 18 years old. So it has to be my favorite. Not super smart, it’s probably the worst tattoo I’ve had, but it’s a constant reminder so I love it.

Fast N' Loud's Christie Brimberry shows off her favorite tattoo

thescummybear: Who would win in a fight between Tom and an elderly ape with bad vision, bad case of mange and a hook for a hand?

Christie: Well I’m going to have to say Tom because Tom has crazy ape strength. It’s kind of that off, not super athletic, not very fast but just sheer weight, could just lay on you and kill you so I’m going with Tom. And he could probably make the gorilla run away anyway because he would talk to him too much. So… Those are the 5 appropriate questions that I could answer for Meet the Monkeys for me. All of the of the other ones… Guys… Really?

Wait! We got one more question for you Christie and we’ll keep it clean we swear…

Starcasm: You just knew we were gonna grab that vintage pic right!?!

Christie Brimberry of Fast N' Loud throwback pic

Yep – Still love me some Christie y’all! And oh yeah, she recently joined the Twitterverse so you can keep up with her thataways here.


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