FAST N LOUD Christie Brimberry is cancer free!

Fast N Loud Christie Brimberry cancer free

It has been more than a year since Fast N’ Loud star Christie Brimberry announced she had been diagnosed with throat cancer, which required extensive surgery to remove her thyroid, part of her trachea, and a lymph node cluster. On Monday Christie shared the best news possible: she is FINALLY CANCER FREE!

Here is Christie’s full announcement, posted on her official Facebook page:

Today is a HUGE milestone for me in my Cancer fight!

I haven’t updated in quite sometime for fear of setting myself up for disappointment. After having my Thyroid, a cluster of lymph nodes and part of my trachea out due to cancer last year, I went through radiation treatment around Christmas. After the ups and downs of blood work, drs visits and trying to get my meds right for a whole year, today I can say I WON!!!

I went through the last of my treatment last week and had my 1 year bone scan on Friday! The results came back today and I am CANCER FREE!!!

I can’t thank you guys enough for all the encouragement, the prayers and positive thoughts I have received over the last year!! I am so thankful for you!!

So now it’s time to try and get my head and my body back in shape! Never thought I would be so excited to say that! #f**kcancer #iamok

Reading through the comments section of Christie’s post is a sobering reminder of the devastation this disease continues to wreak on so many people’s lives. There are comments from folks who have survived cancer, some who have lost loved ones to the disease, and others who are currently going through treatment.

The comments section is also a heart-warming reminder of what a great person Christie is as she takes the time to respond to TONS of the posts — all with a combination of humility, empathy, kindness, and positivity.

We’ve been following Christie’s story closely over the last year, and we knew from her previous updates that her survival was seriously in question — so we are THRILLED to hear the great news!

Congratulations to Christie Brimberry on her victory, and congratulations to the rest of us for still living in a world with all that Brimberry awesomeness! 😉

We created a photo to help Christie celebrate her victory:

Christie Brimberry F**k Cancer sign

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