BELOW DECK MED Is Natasha currently with her ex-boyfriend?

Below Deck Med chief stew Natasha Webb boyfriend Max Landry

Below Deck Med Season 7 chief stew Natasha Webb has been sailing in some turbulent relationship seas this season! She joined the crew of HOME hoping to keep her relationship with chef Dave a secret for at least a week. But, Dave let the cat out of the bag just a few days into the charter season, and their secret romance suffered a dramatic implosion.

Chef Dave’s aggressive and threatening texts had Natasha rethinking her decision to break up with her ex-boyfriend, and she soon rekindled that romance — much to Dave’s chagrin.

As we previously reported, Natasha is currently in a relationship with musician Max Landry, whom Natasha calls the love of her life. So, is Max Landry the ex-boyfriend that Natasha is texting this season?

Unfortunately, Natasha has not provided a definitive answer to that question. However, it certainly seems from what we know that Max Landry is not Natasha’s ex-boyfriend and is someone she only recently started dating.

UPDATE – Natasha confirmed that Max is not her ex in her statement explaining her absence from the Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion. “I’m super happy, and I’m fortunate enough to have met my lifelong soulmate and partner this year,” she said in the video. On the Reunion itself, stew Kyle Viljoen also stated that Natasha is no longer with her ex and is with her new boyfriend, Max.

Natasha’s Ex-boyfriend

I will start with a little context in the form of details Natasha has provided about her ex. “I was with my ex for, like, four and a half years, and when I joined my last boat the relationship wasn’t in a good place,” Natasha explained early on during Below Deck Med Season 7.

Natasha clarified that part of the reason their relationship wasn’t in a good place was because he cheated on her. Chef Dave says that Natasha told him he cheated on her multiple times.

The incredibly awkward situation Natasha finds herself in with chef Dave is nothing new for her. She talks about a VERY similar situation she had on a boat with another of her exes, before then talking abut trying to make things work with her more recent ex:

I’ve definitely been through way worse that this whole Dave situation. I was engaged to somebody that I worked with on a boat. We’d been together three years. We were engaged for a year and a half. I broke up with him, actually, when we were crossing from Mallorca to Abu Dhabi.

He clearly loved me a lot, and I still loved him, but not in that way. We had to continue sharing a cabin for almost a month. That was quite awkward and hard. But that’s the thing about boats… you’ve got nowhere to run and hide. You just have to deal with things face-on.

Right now I’m sorting things out with my ex. Like, we’ve got a dog together, we’ve got, like, a home together, like, we’ve got all of our friends… like, we make each other laugh. Like, we’ve got so much in common.

Bravo shared some of the text message exchanges between Natasha and her ex on screen. One of the texts from her ex reads: “I want this to work so bad – I love ya I fancy ya. Your my best mate.” More on that in a second!

Natasha Webb and Max Landry Dating Details

Natasha has been very open on social media about the fact that she and Max are now dating, but she hasn’t shared any details about their relationship timelime. She does reveal that she and Max met in Los Angeles, but she doesn’t say when.

As we revealed in our first post about Natasha and Max, he is an American originally from Detroit, Michigan. Max grew up in the United States, and attended college in the US as well.

I think the best evidence we have that Max isn’t Natasha’s ex-boyfriend is her ex’s text featured on the show. “I love ya I fancy ya. Your my best mate.” That IS NOT how an American would talk, especially not one from Detroit! Maybe if Natasha replied by laughing or something that might indicate a joke, but she simply typed: “Love you la ❤️”

(“La” could mean Los Angeles, but that doesn’t really seem to fit.)

I think it’s also telling that Natasha talks A LOT about struggling and eventually finding true love, but she never even hints about her and Max overcoming difficulties, traveling a long road together, or anything similar. The way she describes their relationship suggests that it is new.

Here’s a post from Natasha referencing all of the things playing out on Below Deck Med Season 7:

I have to say re-living all this man drama on TV is not easy in the slightest, but its made me grow as a person, and I’m lucky enough to have one incredibly supportive family, friends & eventually led me to the love of my life in the end. ❤️

I suppose the love of her life that Natasha was led to could have been her ex, but that just doesn’t seem to fit?

Either way, we’re happy for Natasha and Max! We will keep our eyes and ears out to see if she clarifies whether or not Max is either of her exes. If she does, we will update this post!

Meanwhile, be sure to keep tuning in to Below Deck Med Season 7 to watch Natasha slowly (and awkwardly) being led to the love of her life! New episodes air Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo and stream a week early on Peacock!

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