Below Deck Med Season 7 cast names, bios, photos, Instagram links, spoilers

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 cast

Bravo has yet to announce a premiere date for Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 7, but we’ve already got some huge spoilers for you!

We previously shared some photos of the crew filming the new season in Malta aboard the stunning superyacht HOME. The photos revealed that Season 6 Platonic flirty friends Mzi “Zee” Dempers and Courtney Veale would be making a return, alongside Captain Sandy Yawn of course.

We also revealed that the Below Deck Med chef looked to be David “Dave” White. Aside from that information, all we had were blurry photos and no names. Until now!

After the photos surfaced in September, we were able to figure out a few of the other cast members by matching their photos with social media accounts connected to Courtney, Zee, Dave, Captain Sandy and a show producer. Those names were confirmed, and the identities of the remaining cast were revealed, by a redditor last week.

In addition to revealing the names of the entire Below Deck Med Season 7 crew, the redditor also revealed their positions on HOME as well as a rather major plot spoiler!

Captain Sandra Yawn
Instagram: @captainsandrayawn
This should come as no surprise to anyone. Captain Sandy returns to the helm of one of Bravo’s most popular shows for her sixth season. What may come as a surprise to viewers is that Captain Sandy will not be accompanied by her right-hand girl, Malia White.

In case you missed it, Malia was involved in a serious motor scooter accident on the island of Mallorca in July. “I was able to walk away with a few stitches, fractured elbow, broken toes, severe road rash and a very sore body,” Malia wrote soon after the accident. She would continue to share updates on her recovery, which looks to have gone extremely well.

It’s unclear if Malia planned to return for Season 7 prior to her accident.

Below Deck Med chef David White
Chef Dave White
Instagram: @dangerous_davewhite
David is the co-owner of Method Kitchen and Bar. Here’s David’s bio from the Method Bar’s [since deleted] website:

David White hails from the city of London, where he knew from an early age he was going to become a chef. Starting his exploration into food as a youngster growing up in his family home. He trained and worked in London where he honed his skills and received and NVQ1-3 before continuing on his journey of culinary excellence and exploration.

David has since been fortunate to work with and learn from some of best chef’s in restaurants such as Claridges and The Ritz have to offer.

David competed in TV series Masterchef the Professionals into the televised stages.

David is also an accomplished skier, winning gold in the British Freestyle Ski Championships in 2014, he also attempted to summit the North Side of Mount Everest in April 2018.

Below Deck Med chief stew Natasha Webb
Chief Stew Natasha Webb
Instagram: @natashawebb.official
Natasha “Tasha” Webb is an aspiring British actress with several acting credits to her name, including a feature film and a few shorts. Despite her forays into acting, Tasha is a dedicated yachtie with an extensive resume that includes training in various forms of massage as well as certificates for facial and skin care, waxing, make-up, threading and bridal hair. Something tells me most all of those skills could come in quite handy while working in the interior of a superyacht!

According to her LinkedIn profile, Tasha has been in yachting for more than nine years. She has served as chief stew on multiple superyachts dating back to February of 2019.

Tasha’s most recent resume entry is quite interesting. She is CEO of Indie-Pearl Yacht Recruitment. The website is a tool to help match employers and employees in the yachting industry. Here is Natasha’s bio from the site:

Director, Natasha Webb has worked in the Hospitality Industry for 18 years, 10 of those years being within the Yachting Industry.

From working her way up the ladder from Stewardess up to Chief Stewardess/ Purser on 100m+ Superyachts, Natasha has a great experience of recruitment and headhunting the best talent to ensure the most paramount standards possible, bringing together that exceptional crew and forming an incomparable team.

Natasha feels that there is always a yacht out there for everyone, and is confident she can help find that particular one for each crew member.

Tasha’s business is particularly interesting because there is at least one other Below Deck Med season 7 crew member who currently works for the company. Perhaps we will see the pitch play out on the show?

Below Deck Med stew Kyle Viljoen
Second Stew Kyle Viljoen
Instagram: @kylethebold
Kyle Viljoen joins a small (but growing) group of Below Deck male stews. He is a former model, bartender and flight attendant originally from South Africa. His online resume suggests that he has experience as a chief stew, but it appears he had to take at least one step back for his position on HOME.

The leaked photos of the cast appear to show the first stew epaulets with two stripes being worn by Natalya, but Below Deck scoopologist @belowdeckaboveaverage on Instagram says that Kyle is the second stew.

Getting back to Kyle’s online resume, it states that Kyle is currently a recruitment consultant at Natasha’s Indie-Pearl Yacht Recruitment.

Below Deck Med stew Natalya Scudder
Third Stew Natalya Scudder
Instagram: @natalyascudder_

Natalya Scudder is currently 25 years old (24 while filming) and looks to be from Perth, Western Australia. Aside from a 2017 Boat International interview with Natalya about how how single-use plastics can have a huge impact on the environment, I couldn’t find much background information about her.

Here’s that video with Natalya, who was a stewardess on board the 55-meter Step One at the time:

Below Deck Med bosun Raygan Tyler
Bosun Raygan Tyler
Instagram: @raygantyler
Raygan is originally from the United Kingdom, but she currently lists her place of residence as Turkey. (She may or may not be dating a Turkish soccer player.) Raygan has a pretty extensive yachting resume that includes being a captain of the S/Y Moonlight from June of 2017 to June of 2018.

According to the reddit post, Raygan is the source of the major story line spoiler for Below Deck Med Season 7. Raygan reportedly “does not last and one of the deckhands is promoted.” As a result of the shift, Courtney Veale is brought on as a deckhand. So yes, Courtney and Mzi will reportedly both be working on the deck this season!

Below Deck Med Courtney and Zee returning for another season?
Deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers
Deckhand Courtney “Madame Tipsy Twerksalot” Veale
Instagram: @zeedempers & @courtneyveale
I don’t believe I need to say anything about Zee and Courtney given that Below Deck Med fans are quite familiar with both. I will say that it seems unlikely that Zee will be taking over from Raygan as bosun given his lack of experience, but Captain Sandy has made some surprising crew decisions in the past, so who knows?

Below Deck Med deckhand Storm Smith
Deckhand Storm Smith
Instagram: @stormosmith
Storm “Stormo” Smith is another crew member from South Africa. Judging from his social media posts, Storm looks to be a larger-than-life adventurer who is sure to bring a boatload of charisma on board HOME this season! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find much specific information about Storm.

Here is a post he shared on Instagram in December that demonstrates Storm’s love of (and appreciation for) life in which he hints at a health problem involving his heart:

Seems every year gets more intense, more loving, more fun, more adventurous and more engaging. I still can’t believe the year is almost complete. I’ve travelled immensely this year which has given me perspective on the love I’ve lost, the beautiful friends I’ve gained and all the incredible moments I have kept close to my heart from this year. My health has been pretty turbulent and I often worry about my ticker but it drives me to wake up earlier and make the most of out of every moment and adventure. Life really is beautiful. For everyone who I have spent time with this year, thank you 🖤 I’ve got a couple missions in the south islands before the year wraps up and I’m frothing to get stuck in and experience this wonderful part of the world. YEEEW ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #35mm

Below Deck Med deckhand Jason
Deckhand Jason Gaskell
Instagram: @sextantsailing
I looked online for longer than care to admit and was unable to find out ANYTHING about Jason. All I have is the photo above and his first name. I will continue to keep an eye out and update this post when I know a little more.

UPDATE – Bravo officially announced the cast so we have the scoop on Jason! We’ve added his last name, and here’s a better photo along with his official bio:

Jason Gaskell Below Deck Med

Having left a career in commodities to become his own skipper on a sailboat, Jason Gaskell joins “Home” as his first experience working on a superyacht. During his 10 years in finance, he spent all his free time traveling and exploring the world, stumbling upon his passion for sailing. Since then, he has worked as an apprentice, dockhand and captain for many companies. Gaskell is a jack of all trades, who’s also skilled in sewing and embroidery and enjoys making custom swimsuits for his friends.

As mentioned at the top of this post, Bravo has not announced a premiere date yet for Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 7. As soon as that happens, I am guessing we will also get official bios for the crew. I will make updates to this post at that time. Stay tuned!

UPDATE – Below Deck Med Season 7 will premiere with a supersized episode on Monday, July 11 at 8/7c on Bravo. Peacock will offer early access to Season Seven with new episodes dropping one week early beginning Monday, July 4.

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