SISTER WIVES Robyn says the other wives “handed” Kody to her

One of the biggest sore points for the polygamist Brown family is that fourth wife (and also legal wife) Robyn and her children monopolize all of Kody’s time.

Another revelation from the sneak peak of the upcoming Sister Wives‘s One on One special is the claim from Robyn that the other wives “handed” Kody over to her because they didn’t want to spend time with him anymore.

In a preview clip Robyn tells host Sukanya Krishnan that the other wives “handed him to me and said ‘We don’t want to spend time with him,’ basically.”

This was seemingly in response to Christine and Janelle’s claim that Robyn is the favorite wife. Kody finds this claim “unfair.”

From this small amount of information is seems like Robyn and Kody are presenting the narrative that the reason Kody spent all of his time with Robyn is because the other wives didn’t want him around anymore.

This is untrue for Meri, as she begs for Kody to spend time with her or even acknowledge her existence. For the past few years the only time he’s seemed to be have spent with her is for the show’s shooting schedule.

When they were still with Kody, both Christine and Janelle wanted Kody to come over to spend time with their kids, and have been heartbroken for their kids over his lack of presence in their lives.

Kody has noted feeling a lack of connection with Ysabel and has not spent a lot of time getting comfortable with Truely. Savannah has said that her dad has barely spent time with her, and that time got even more sparse when she and her mom Janelle moved into a trailer for a few months.

Of course, Kody is currently not speaking to several of his children. He may not be speaking to Meri’s child Leon, but that has not been mentioned on the show. We have seen that Kody is no longer speaking to Janelle’s sons Gabe and Garrison for reasons involving their refusal to follow COVID protocols and their treatment of Robyn.

Kody has told cameras that he spends time with Robyn and her kids because Robyn facilitates a connection between them all that makes things easy. He missed his daughter Ysabel’s major spine surgery because he couldn’t be away from his two younger kids with Robyn for several weeks, and has most recently expressed devastation over Aurora having to quarantine in the basement when the rest of the family contracted COVID.

Even with this intense connection, Robyn may not be happy with Kody spending all of his time with her. Earlier in the season Robyn noted that he had become very “angry” and hard to live with since he and Christine started having intense problems. After COVID he also fell into an intense depression that troubled the children in the house.

Robyn has many times stated that her dream was to live a polygamous lifestyle, and she seems deeply unhappy with how this polygamous marriage has imploded.

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