Mistress Makeover: Jamie Jungers, Joslyn James, Melissa Smith, and January Gessert are getting plastic surgery together

Photo by: LVP/starmaxinc.com 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2/12/10 Jamie Jungers hosts a party at LAX Nightclub. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

In a publicity stunt that is strangely not also a reality show, four famous mistresses are going under the knife together in an act of solidarity.

Two of Tiger’s dames, Jamies Jungers and Joslyn James, Reggie Bush’s alleged mistress January Gessert, and one of Jesse James’ tattooed extramarital conquests Melissa Smith, are getting things like boobs jobs, nose jobs, butt implants (Reggie Bush’s mistress), botox, veneers, spray tans, and hair extensions. Some of them are getting these procedures for free, but others have to pay, but they’re all in this together.

Wendy Williams erroneously reported this as a television show, Mistress Makeover: Starting Over, but that’s not the case for this . . . event. Gina Rodriguez, who is organizing this, told Radaronline “It is for no other reason than to help these women re-invent themselves for there own personal reasons, including career and dating.” She goes on, “It is not for a reality show. But of course we are hoping the press will cover it, to salute the girls and their doctors, physicians and contributors who are going to do an amazing job.”