Brandi Glanville wore a LeAnn Rimes costume to Halloween party with Donald Friese?

Brandi Glanville wearing a LeAnn Rimes costume Halloween party

Never one to let a sleeping dog lie, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville poked her nearly decade-long feud with LeAnn Rimes with a stick this week as she attended a “Scandalous Celebs” themed Halloween party wearing what pretty much had to be a LeAnn Rimes “costume.”

“Soooo my friends Halloween party was celebrity scandal couples!” Brandi captioned the photo of herself in overalls and a yellow cowboy hat with boyfriend Donald “DJ” Friese. “Guess who we are ?????????” I assume that Donald, who is sporting a long-sleeved black button up shirt and gray pants, is Eddie Cibrian. Brandi is also holding what looks to be a cup of beer — I am unsure if that was meant to be a part of the costume or not.

Here is Brandi’s post:

Soooo my friends Halloween party was celebrity scandal couples! Guess who we are ?????????

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I did some surfing hoping to uncover more photos of Brandi from the event, but aside from some “exclusive” paparazzi shots of Brandi and David having dinner in the costumes, I had no luck. I did figure out a little more about the party, though!

The shindig was the annual Grossman-Guanche Halloween Bash hosted by Southern California supercouples the Guanches (Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Carlos Guanche and dermatologist Dr. Anna D Guanche) and the Grossmans (magazine publisher Rebecca Grossman, and burn surgeon Dr. Peter Grossman). The full theme was “Scandalous Celebs & Haunting Head Trips” and some of the other costumes included the Guanches as Anna Nicole Smith and her 91-year-old husband (really amazing!), the Grossmans as a one night stand (you HAVE to see it to get it) and George Michael, and “Oscar losing makeup and character designer” Alec Gillis as Mel Gibson.

Here’s a small gallery posted by Rebecca Grossman, who changed into a more dance-friendly Winona Ryder costume (complete with an unpaid for hat) at some point during the party, that includes all of the costumes mentioned above:

Great Halloween costume ideas from our 2017 Annual Halloween Bash! Too funny?

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Now we all just sit back and wait to see if LeAnn retaliates with a Brandi Glanville costume — something she actually has a bit of experience with. 😉

On a random side note, I would have thought Brandi would have taken full advantage of the “Scandalous Celebs” theme by just showing up as herself. ?? Speaking of Brandi Glanville showing up as herself, I will wrap up this post with a Halloween throwback of Brandi and gal pal Jennifer Gimenez in pretty much “just our sexy damn selves in lingerie” costumes:

Brandi Glanville Jennifer Gimenez Halloween lingerie costumes

Hmmmm… Perhaps that’s a good look for LeAnn to emulate? ***HINT HINT*** #LeAnngerie

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