PHOTO VIDEO Chris Brown’s alleged gay lover comes forward

Chris Brown gets dressed after a sexual encounter with his gay lover Jordan

The folks over at have been talking with a man named Jordan who claims to have participated in multiple sexual encounters with singer Chris Brown, “often times involving another girl, some times just them.”

The site just recently re-posted the image above, which they claim shows…

…Chris Brown getting dressed in a cheap hotel with another man. According to reports, this pic was snapped after some type of sex party or threesome where one other woman was present. The source goes on to say that Chris engages in these types of parties often.

“These parties happen usually with people he knows, he may get a call girl to join in,” the source states.

The photo comes on the heels of a video interview with Chris Brown’s alleged male sex partner Jordan in which he explains that neither Chris nor he are gay, although they have had sex with each other:

(WARNING – This video does contain a bit of foul language)

Jordan begins with an apology to Rihanna for some weird reason then rambles on about how he and Chris aren’t gay:

I’m not gay. Chris isn’t gay. I mean, if your definition of somebody being gay is somebody f***in’ around occasionally then whatever, but you know, I ain’t gay. Whatever went on between me and Chris is really our business. I don’t really have to go into detail about what’s going on, but if that’s why you came to this video then you’re going to be disappointed.

After that he reveals that he has known Chris for a long time and has accompanied him to a number of concerts and awards shows in addition to appearing as an extra in the “Kiss, Kiss” video.

Then, Jordan drops a huge bomb when he seems to make the claim that it was his text messages with Chris Brown that caused the argument with Rihanna in February of 2009 that lead to Chris punching her in the face repeatedly!

So, it might have been Chris Brown’s gay sex partner that caused his fight with Rihanna?

I don’t know about you, but this all smells like a big hoax to me. The picture above could be anything – I’m sure that early on in his career Chris Brown stayed in cheaper hotel rooms and probably had to share them with other guys. (If that even is Chris Brown) My guess is that this is an example of the new age of tabloid journalism where sites can use the newer media resources available (blogs, internet radio, YouTube) for their “anonymous sources close to the situation” and seemingly manufacture a vast amount of evidence when really all we have are the claims of some anonymous dude who was savvy enough to figure out how to blur out his face in a digital video and upload it to YouTube.

That being said, if any of this is true then H8teradeblog is going to be the National Enquirer of the hip hop world! They do have screen captures of some foul-mouthed Twitter direct messages they claim are between Chis and Jordan HERE – but that’s easy to manufacture as well.