PHOTOS VIDEO Meet Aubrey Wolters Akerill from 16 and Pregnant Season 2b

Aubrey Wolters Akerill and son Austin from 16 and Pregnant

MTV takes a rare trip out west for Episode 15 of Season 2 of 16 and Pregnant for Aubrey Wolters, originally from Battle Ground, Washington but living in Arizona at the time the episode was filmed.

Aubrey was 16 when she found out she was pregnant with boyfriend Brandon Akerill’s baby, and the couple was forced to relocate to Arizona after Brandon lost his job due to his employer’s unwillingness to pay his medical expenses. The couple was married on November 3rd of 2009 and gave birth to son Austin Carter Akerill on February 6th of this year.

Brandon Akerill from 16 and Pregnant

Aubrey Akerill, husband Brandon and son Austin have since moved back to the Vancouver, Washington area where Aubrey hopes to attend college.

Here’s a preview clip from the episode in which Aubrey and Brandon argue over whether or not she should pursue a career outside of being a housewife:

**** It should be noted that Aubrey looks completely different now (and before) than she does in the clip above. As you will read below she put on a lot of weight while pregnant, and she has since dyed her hair a darker color.

I’ve compiled a number of questions and answers from Aubrey’s Formspring account into what amounts to a very in-depth interview in which the teen mom addresses everything from abortion to tattoos to an episode involving crack and the “C” word from the Season 2b reunion show with Dr. Drew!

Aubrey Wolters Akerill and husband Brandon Akerill from 16 and Pregnant

Can you give us some background information on your life?
Um, I was born in Oregon but grew up primarily in Battle Ground WA. Me and brandon have been together for about 2 1/2 years now. I moved in with him in Nov of 2008 and we got pregnant in May of 2009. um… lol Idk what do u want to know haha.

When were you born?

How old were you when you got pregnant and when you gave birth?
I was 16 when I got pregnant and 17 when I gave birth.

Did you lose your virginity to Brandon?
No I did not.

how old were you when you lost youre virginity?
lol you don’t have to ask twice. I was 13 when I lost my virginity. I was at a point in life where I just wanted to be an adult and I thought that was the next step I guess.

how did u and brandon meet
I was actually dating his best friend, and then when his best friend and I Broke up he asked him if he could have my number… & the rest is history.

Aubrey Wolters Akerill and son Austin in a Halloween costume
^ Yes, that’s Aubrey with brown hair and Austin in an adorable costume!

How did you find out you were pregnant? How far along were you?
Well I know the night my son was conceived, we’d had one slip up. & I waited about 4 weeks before I’d even missed my period to take the test just because I was so paranoid, and I thought there was no way me of all people would be pregnant. But sure enough I took a test and 2 lines came up strong and clear before I’d even missed my period.

how do you know the night your son was conceived? what didnt use protection or did the condom break?
Alright, so this is my infamous line when they say don’t drink and drive, it Really should be Don’t drink and have sex. Me and my hubby were drinking the night of, and one thing led to another and we didn’t use protection. Lack of judgment on our part.

what was ur and ur familes reaction when u told them u were pregnant
My mom cried, I wrote her a note right before she got on an airplane and just kind of threw it at her. My husbands family was a lot more supportive then we thought they were going to be, because of the age difference. my Sisters were Thrilled. & My dad was just kind of shocked I guess. As for my reaction, I was scared. I was convinced I wouldn’t make it through my entire pregnancy without losing him. & I spent SO much time worrying about Everything.

how long were you with your husband before you got pregnant?
solid without being broken up we were living together and together for 8 months, and that’s just when we started counting us as being together.

Aubrey Akerill and son Austin Carter Akerill from 16 and Pregnant

Why did you move to Arizona then if your whole life was in Washington?
Because when we got pregnant, Brandon’s company that he was working for thought it would be more cost effective to hire somebody new. Because he was eligible for all of his benefits. So we weren’t able to pay for our apartment anymore, and no one would take us in together except for my Mema in Arizona. So we moved down here until we could get back on our own feet.

why did you get married so young?
The way I see it, now I Have all the more years to be married. =] This is going to sound silly but somewhere in my head the day that I met brandon I jokingly said to myself that’s the guy I’m going to marry someday. & it took a lot of work over the years to get where we are today.. & I can honestly see myself with him for the rest of my life. Who knows what the future holds, & maybe we could be just another statistic… but even if ten years down the road something doesn’t work out between us… I can say that I loved him with my entire heart & I would never take back the years we spent together. But I support him in everything he does, and He supports me. & I guess we got married so young because you never know what tomorrow holds. Now we fight for our relationship and get past the silly little arguments rather then just break up with each other. We’ve grown so much together over the years. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else honestly.

Did you get married because you were pregnant?
Honestly no, I did get married sooner then planned because I was pregnant but I’d already received a promise ring from my husband, and we’d already talked a lot about it.

16 and Pregnant's Aubrey Wolters Akerill in a Halloween costumehow did he propose?
He made me a really nice dinner and bought all sorts of fancy table settings and flowers. & then right before we sat down to eat he said “Alright we can’t eat any of this until you answer a question for me, Will you marry me Aubrey Lynn?”

did u have a big wedding
No I didn’t at all, I had a tiny wedding with only 3 people there. Only because i wanted the actual day Brandon and I got married to be between us not just a bunch of chaos. But we plan on having a big wedding when we get back up to WA with all of our family and friends.

was it different once you had your baby.. how much different?
EVERYTHING is different. It really is, like for the girls out there trying to get pregnant young… you really need to realize nothing will ever be the same again. You’re relationship will completely change, & especially if it’s rocky already I can’t stress to you enough how much more difficult it’s going to be. You will never get the extent of your social life back, you will never be allowed to sleep in even if you’re exhausted and running on no sleep, you will have to put almost everything aside at least for a little while.I mean & countless other things, I can’t express enough how much it changes. It is a lot of work having a baby this young. I love my child to death & I would never trade him or take it back for the world. But the teen pregnancy rates need to drop because some young woman are going into this now 100 percent unprepared & i just don’t want to see bad things result from it with young mothers that are not ready to handle the responsibility. Just use protection ladies, you have your whole life ahead of you to grow up & have babies. Promise 😉

What are you dreading most about your epi??? Thanks 🙂 Excitedd!
Oh god there are a couple shots where I look just awful. One where I’d just gotten out of the shower, & also I was SOO big. My friends back home have never seen me that big ever. I look completely different. Also a stupid interview scene they shoot. It was one question out of the whole thing I just sucked at lol & i know I will get a bunch of sh!t for it.

Okay good! I honestly did not realize your episode was next because you hardly looked like you hahaha. Was it hard to lose the weight?
No it really wasn’t. The first week I lost 45 lbs.Breastfeeding helped with that. & now I’ve dropped 75. I’m less then when I first got pregnant now. I gained so much weight in my face and ass!! Like my friends had NEVER seen me that big lol.

Aubrey Wolters Akerill screen capture from her 16 and Pregnant Season 2b episode

I was wondering if you ever considered having an abortion and what are your thoughts about it. I don’t mean anything, just curious that’s all. =)
I talked to my Husband who was only my boyfriend at the time about it, and asked him honestly what he wanted to do. & my decision wouldn’t have been completely changed by if he had said He would have liked me to get an abortion, but I definitely would have sat down and considered what it would have been like to raise a baby by myself and all of the things that come along with it. But he said that It was his baby and he would support me in whatever decision I made and that he wanted to keep him. =]

How many tattoos do you have and what are they of and what others do you wanna get?

I have one tattoo of three nautical stars on my ankle. & I plan on getting a devil on the left, an angel on the right. Below the angel my favorite picture of Austin as a portrait with his name & birthday. Then I have a tattoo drawn up for a Cherry blossom branch going up my left side and curving around my hip bones. I’m also getting a qoute in between the devil and angel. Then I’m getting a quote on my left foot and mine and brandons quote with our wedding date on my right foot. I have a lot of plans! lol

What did Brandon’s ex say about Austin? I think I missed something lol
She said that she hoped I started smoking crack so that our baby would die. She said it while I was pregnant.

you called her a c*nt at the reuion lmfao!!!! how did she even come up in the convo?
Oh yeah. I said excuse my language but she’s a c*nt. Everyone kind of got silence. haha my badd!!!! lol Because Dr. Drew was asking me about the previous woman in my husbands life because his mom is in prison and it was basically asking about how all the woman in his life have let him down and asking If I was planning on doing the same.

Aubrey Wolters Akerill from 16 and Pregnant with brown hair

do you have any brother or sisters and how old are they?
Yes I do, I have two sisters that are 24 and 23. & One even gets on here and asks me questions about herself to see if I’m mean so if this is you Rach and your just trying to see if I know how old you are then your nuts. & I hope I’m right lol

whyyyy did markai disable her formspring? please answer…i miss her!!!!
Because she had to, & I plan on doing the same.

You can keep up with Aubrey on her official Facebook fan page and her Formspring account – while it lasts!