Watch Mariah Carey’s ‘#Beautiful’ music video featuring Miguel

Mariah Carey motorcyle photo from Beautiful music video

Mariah Carey released the full video for her new single “#Beautiful” (yes, the hashtag is part of the name) featuring Miguel on tonight’s American Idol.

Mariah also revealed that’s she takes control now when it comes to her music videos: “I’ve been able to get much more involved in my music videos than I was at the beginning of my career when I was like ‘Oh the can do whatever they want, the record company.’ No. That’s not the case because it’s your image.”

She says the video was the “antithesis” of what she is on American Idol, “there is no every hair perfectly in place. Is is, but it’s not. It’s just about freedom and feeling that record.”

Mariah Carey and Miguel Beautiful music video

In a recent interview for The Grammys, Mariah gave her thoughts on her new song, and working with Miguel:

“I feel like this is the first record I’ve ever released that’s simmering and bubbling up… It’s a feel-good record… It’s genre-less… It’s not following a trend. That’s the best thing about this record in my opinion, because having to follow trends is not what’s fun about making music.”

“Miguel is one of my favorite, favorite new artists. He’s just the truth. The best part of making music for me is collaborating and working with new people and fresh sounds. All those things that gets people excited to continue in this business that we all love so much. Miguel had a track that was amazing… We can merge…and get that song to a place that’s totally different, fresh, unique, and back to the basics.”

What do you think? Song of the summer?

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