VIDEO Mariah Carey falls on stage during Singapore concert

Mariah Carey falls on stage

The maybe-she’s-pregnant, maybe-she’s-not Mariah Carey took a tumble while performing “Make It Happen” in Singapore September 26, 2010.

It appears as though the divalicious singer had issues with her $10,000 shoes as she crumbles to the floor and then has an assistant come out and remove them – all while continuing the performance and moving right on to a barefooted rendition of “Dreamlover.” Is that a consummate professional or what?

MiMi has been playfully dodging whether or not she is pregnant as has her husband Nick Cannon. Fox thought they might have broken the story wide open last month when they discovered Mariah attended a friend’s baby book signing and asked her to inscribe the book, “Dear Mariah, Congratulations! I hope this helps you make it through the first three years.”

But alas, the rumor has still yet to be confirmed as Mariah and Nick continue to have their fun with the media!

And just in case you wanted to replay Mariah’s losing battle with gravity over and over again, here is an animated gif of her Singapore “trip:”