VIDEO: Porn Star Ginger Lee of Anthony Weiner Twitter Fame Speaks In Interview!

In our last post on the mess involving Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and the wayward Tweet of his junk to an unsuspecting 21-year-old who was not his wife, the lovely and amazing Huma Abedin, we introduced you to the pretty porn star named Ginger Lee. But in that piece, we did all the talking.

In this post, we’re going to open up the floor to Ginger for some PG-13 revelations of her life and times as an adult film actress and strip club dancer.

First thing you’ll notice (when she opens her mouth, that is) is that thick Southern drawl. Now, some may disagree, but that’s music to my ears. I think it’s adorable, and having grown up around it, am pretty used to it. She’s also, shall we say, not homely. I can see what Weiner sees in her. (Though I can also see what he sees in his wife.)

These are all videos posted on YouTube, with nobody gettin’ nekkid or anything. And on my listens through them, I didn’t hear much in the way of salty language, so it’s generally SFW. If you’re an auto mechanic, gather your buddies around for your late afternoon beer break and give it a look see. It’s okay; Oprah’s off the air now!

If you work in a church counseling office? What are you looking at Starcasm for anyway?!? Take a gander when you’re safe at home.

(And if’n you want to find the real deal Ginger Lee videos of the gettin’ nekkid and gettin’ busy variety, you’re gonna have to go to those websites your mama told you not to go to. We’re not gonna link ya. Sorry!)

Our first video was uploaded 9/11/08, and it is actually the first three minutes of a genuine porn scene. (Don’t worry: it cuts off moments before the naughtiness begins.) This gives you your quickest hit of Ginger and her magnificent drawl. The porn director asks her to compare California and Tennessee – one of her most hated things about Cali is the high gas prices. (Wonder how she feels about ’11 prices?) She also uses the word “anomaly” right before taking her shorts off. Hawwwwwwtttttttt…….

(These videos become instantly funny if you imagine the disembodied voice of the interviewer is that of Anthony Weiner. Oh, did I just make them very unsexy? Oops.)

The next video is a smoking fetish video, in which Ginger puffs on a Virginia Slim while answering a round of questions. (Nudity is tastefully cropped, but be warned: This one is actually closer to an R rating for subject matter.) She answers questions such as, “What is your favorite of your body parts?” (her butt), “You know when you’re in love when…?” (her answer is a bit psycho) and “What is your most embarrasing moment?” (Since this video was posted last fall, her answer is not “My role in Weinergate. Duh!”)

Our third video features Ginger looking like a complete doll on a wannabe Carson’s couch – though her interviewer looks more like a skeevy Carson Daly. I’m sorry, but this girl doesn’t look or sound like a maladjusted idiot whose only option in life is porn. Despite what you may think about her profession, she looks like a bright, engaging conversationalist. It’s said that 90% of porn stars have an uncle that abused them when they were 8 years old. Who knows if that’s the case with Ginger, but she looks like a fun gal to hang with. She says that when she’s not working as she travels around the country, she likes to visit parks, zoos and/or science museums and stay out of trouble. She’s a wholesome Southern gal! (Hey, she loves Waffle House and she knows what a Stuckey’s is…)

And video #4 finds Ginger at one of those parks, zoos and/or science museums staying out of trouble. Seriously, if you met this girl in the park, and you didn’t know about her career, you’d tell her about that nephew of yours that needs a girlfriend, wouldn’t you?

Video #5 features Ginger’s “bad girl out on the town” side (at least the persona she fabricates for her audience; she has said she doesn’t like being in nightclubs and would rather be at home reading a book). It also features two adult males that stopped progressing emotionally at the age of 13. You will want to reach through your computer screen to strangle them, but don’t. It is physically impossible.