PHOTOS: Who is Ginger Lee, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s favorite porn star?

Anthony Weiner Twitter buddy porn star Ginger Lee

By now, you are probably up on your Weiner. (If you’re not, check out this excellent timeline of events – especially the first tidbit, which you’ll want to refer to later!)

UPDATE – Ginger Lee (and her attorney Gloria Allred) held a press conference June 15 to discuss her communications with Anthony Weiner. Get all the details on that HERE.

After a strange two-day silence from the mainstream media, bringing back memories of their willful refusal to report on the philandering of John Edwards, it seemed they were again willing to let another news story of similar subject matter and tone be left to the tabloids and blogs. But in the last 24 hours, they’ve gotten on their game, seemingly on a Viagra-fueled binge to bring Weiner down (at least a few inches). Enough with the bad puns, let’s get to the gist of the story:

This man is Anthony Weiner. He is a rising star congressman in the Democrat Party, representing the 9th congressional district in New York that serves Brooklyn and Queens. You may know him from his appearances on MSNBC, CNN, and C-SPAN, among many other media platforms, insistently demanding from his interviewers that he be allowed to finish his answer while not giving them an answer.

Brooklyn Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner

And this is Anthony Weiner’s wife. Her name is Huma Abedin, and she has served (and continues to serve) as personal assistant to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. She is smart, well connected, and – depending on the day – either hot, very hot or extremely hot.

Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner's wife

(Above photo credited to Vogue and Norman Jean Roy.)

And this is a college student named Gennette Cordova. She is 21, quite lovely herself, and a big, big fan of Anthony Weiner.

21-year old Seattle coed Gennette Cordova

And this is the tweet that was posted to Weiner’s Twitter account, special delivery to Cordova, but visible to all 40,000+ of Weiner’s Twitter followers. It is a picture of a man’s….well, I’m not gonna pussyfoot around with you: it is a picture of a man’s weiner. (We’re blunt around here at Starcasm.)

Anthony Weiner's tweet photo of bulging briefs

Perhaps the tone for this marriage was set when President Bill Clinton, another fellow whose naughty unmentionables have been exposed to the public through lurid scandal, officiated at their wedding on July 10, 2010. (Hey, that first anniversary is coming up real soon! Bet that’ll be a stress free time of nostalgic reflection on the blissful fidelities of marriage and mutual trust.) But the last four days have been a real struggle for Weiner to find time to focus on the issues that he cares so much about, not to mention the Tweeting he does with comely young women who are not his wife.

And speaking of that….

This post isn’t really about Weiner, his preternaturally lovely wife, the college co-ed caught in the crossfire, or…well, a picture of a man’s weiner.

It is about a porn star by the name of Ginger Lee. How does Ginger Lee relate to this conversation? Let us now inhabit the mind of one Anthony Weiner (D–N.Y.) and take a long, semi-lurid look at this question…

Anthony Weiner only “followed” 91 personalities on his Twitter account. Anyone who follows Twitter knows that is a very exclusive bunch of people that Weiner is interested in. We already know the 21-year-old college student from Seattle was one of them. And so was Ms. Ginger Lee.

Nashville porn star Ginger Lee

At this link, you’ll find a trove of posts from Ginger Lee’s Tumblr blog back in March, weeks before this controversy was even a bulge in the media’s briefs. All of these posts indicate there was quite a bit of DMing going on between Ginger and Rep. Weiner. (DMing=Direct Messaging, private conversation between Twitter users. Get that mind out of the gutter!)

What is it about Ginger Lee that is so interesting that might compel a married congressman to be so interested in her activities? Well, let’s just get this one right out of the way: After some research on my part (ahem), I have found that, like any p0rn star worth her thick slabs of black eyeshadow, Ginger Lee does everything!

And when I say everything, I mean everything! In films such as Legal At Last #4, Doctor Do Me #2, Mom’s A Cheater #2, Sex Toy Teens, Teenage Whores and Sweet and Nasty Teens, Ginger has proven she can do guys, she can do girls, she can do several guys, she can do several girls, she can do several guys and several girls – all at the same time! And she can do it on a boat, on a plane, in a car, or in a train – possibly even in the caboose! (Note to self: Must research Ginger Lee’s willingness to do it in the caboose…)

Ask any guy and he’ll tell you: The above credits, sexual positions, and down ‘n dirty deeds are Anthony Weiner’s main interest in Ginger Lee. Don’t let him tell you he reads her Twitter feed just for the articles she links to.

Ginger Lee, porn star and lesbian

No doubt p0rn producers are going to be knocking on her door to produce films with a political bent to them, and we can take it for granted there will be more bad puns on “weiner” as part of their titles. (The below image is from a Ginger Lee scene that includes an advertisement for penis enhancements. As we go to press on this item, we still have not heard back from Weiner’s office if he endorses this product or allegedly used it before allegedly taking his alleged Twitter photo.)

Porn Star Ginger Lee

And maybe her life as a p0rn star is Weiner’s main interest in her, but that’s not the most fascinating thing about her. Let’s take a closer look at Ginger Lee. (Hey, not that kind of closer look!)

According to her personal website, she is interested in “feminism, cool photos, advice, stripping, modeling, random rants”, etc.

She is 24 years old, having been born on November 25, 1987 in Macon, GA, though has spent much of her life in the Nashville area. (Her fan club address is located in Antioch, TN.) Her vital statistics read as follows:

• Height: 5’2″
• Weight: 106 lbs
• Measurement: 34C-25-34

(These are important stats to p0rn stars and their consumers.)

Some things that make her unique from most other p0rn stars is a complete lack of tattoos, a really thick Southern drawl, and the fact that she has lupus, something she makes very clear on her website (which, I must add, is well-written and reveals a clearly bright woman).

Many of her recent website posts relate to her struggle with lupus. One particularly long and insightful post concerns her struggles with working in the p0rn and strip club industry and balancing her need to tend to her personal health, and also the risks she took in revealing her condition. I’m sure there are lots of women and wives who can’t relate to her as a p0rn star, but certainly any woman suffering from lupus can understand exactly where she’s coming from in those comments.

Stripper Ginger Lee

Her politics also seem to be extremely tilted to the left, which would make her an obvious candidate for Weiner fandom, he being a bomb-throwing liberal from Brooklyn very accustomed to running towards any microphone in view to deliver an anti-Republican tirade. (Don’t believe me?) Please indulge the crude side of me for just a moment: if Ginger Lee’s body made Anthony Weiner’s briefs bulge, his big mouth certainly made her panties wet.

As for the controversy concerning the politician, according to Ginger Lee, Anthony Weiner sent her multiple DMs (“direct messages” in Twitter parlance). Those are basically private emails between Weiner and Lee. Whether or not Weiner’s wife (the hot, very hot, and extremely hot Huma Abedin) knows or cares about these exchanges is still an open question. Some wives don’t care that their husbands have a p0rn habit, nor do they care that they might be bold enough to try and carry on an email relationship with them.

The big question will be what Weiner’s constituents will think about his behavior.

As of now, the one pictured below ain’t speakin’.

Porn star Ginger Lee poses for camera shoot

UPDATE, 6/2/11, 1:45 AM EST: And lo, there shall be an Instalanche. Thanks for stopping by, folks. Got more for ya!!!

According to the Daily Caller website, which has been on top of this story so doggedly you might say they’re doin’ it to it’ d0ggy style, Ginger Lee is sticking by her “no comment and screw you” statement. For Ginger, blood is definitely thicker than water and other sticky substances between her and Anthony. One word: Loyalty! You either have it in an online affair or you don’t. We could learn a lot from Ginger on this count.

But Anthony? Oh, Anthony, Anthony…We thought you were gonna be a mensch! But when talking to Wolf Blitzer you gotta be “ripping the pornography and stripping industry”? What will Ginger think? Turncoat! She worked hard for that DM you gave her! And now you take it away! And all for what…a political career and a wife that looks like Huma Abedin? Okay, I can sorta see that.

And in explaining the exact nature of the DM he sent her, he said it was “probably” a pro forma comment saying “Thank you for following me.” Yeah, right. But even better than that, you gotta love his coaching the witness style of commentary:

“I — most likely what she’s referring to is, as a pro forma thing, thank you for following Congressman Anthony — thank you for following me, please stay tuned to for updates of other things going on,” Weiner said. “That’s probably what she’s referring to.”

Anthony, in my opinion, it clearly sounds like you’re sending signals across CNN to downhome Antioch, TN, telegraphing to Ginger the kind of excuse she could give to the media that would make your life a whole lot easier. What, you couldn’t pick up a phone and tell her in person?

Here’s Ginger’s pouty face, congressman. Look what you’ve gone and done:

Porn star Ginger Lee, Anthony Weiner's favorite dancer

And she was gonna give you a puppy. You don’t deserve a puppy!

UPDATE: After you’re done meeting Ginger Lee here, check out video of Ginger Lee interviews HERE!

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