VIDEO PHOTOS Porn star Ginger Lee press conference addressing Anthony Weiner sexts

Porn star Ginger Lee gives a press conference addressing Anthony Weiner sexts

Is there a term yet for the comet tail of mistresses and press conferences that inevitably follow the announcement that some male celebrity or politician was unfaithful, secretly gay or liked to send scrotographs to women he barely knew? If there was such a term I would be able to use it for all of the events currently unfolding in the wake of Weinergate involving Congressman Anthony Weiner and his propensity for sending pictures of his surname to women he met online.

The latest ring to be added to the circus is a press conference by porn star Ginger Lee, who allegedly exchanged approximately one hundred emails and texts with Weiner over the last couple years – a lot of them purportedly sexual in nature.

And who was standing beside Ginger Lee during her 15 minutes? None other than Gloria Allred herself – without a doubt the greatest comet chaser of all time whenever it involves a prominent male with a loose zipper – or in this case a loose keyboard and camera.

We’ll start off with a video report of the press conference by the exuberant Weiner roasters over at Fox News:

Allred was masterful in her setup, explaining that Ginger Lee and Anthony Weiner met online because she respected his political views, especially on Planned Parenthood and healthcare, “two issues that are very important to her.” She went into a little detail about the communications between the two saying the “discussions at first were about politics, but sometimes he would try to take it to another level, meaning his ‘package.'” For example, in one of the alleged emails Weiner wrote, “I have wardrobe demands too, I need to highlight my package.”

Allred went on to talk about the monetary impact the scandal has had on Ginger Lee, stating that because of the scandal “she’s had to cancel appearances and work and go into hiding,” which has cost her income. Allred also pointed out that up to this point, “she has not profited at all.” (Something which is about to drastically change, beginning with an appearance at the Pink Pony strip club in Atlanta June 15 and 16 for which she expects to receive three time her normal fee.)

Ginger Lee and attorney Gloria Allred at June 15, 2011 press conference addressing Anthony Weiner sexts
^ Porn star Ginger Lee and attorney Gloria Allred (on the right – ha!) pose for a photo during their June 15, 2011 press conference addressing sext messages sent to Ginger Lee by Congressman Anthony Weiner. (Photo: J.B Nicholas / Splash News)

Ginger Lee eventually took the mic herself and iterated what Allred had said. “We did communicate on a fairly regular basis,” said Lee. “However, I did not sext Anthony Weiner. I did not send photos to him or receive any from him.”

If Anthony Weiner’s bid to become the next mayor of New York City was still a possibility, and if Ginger Lee lived in New York City, then he would have definitely lost her vote in the election! “I think that Anthony Weiner should resign because he lied to the press and to the public for more than a week,” Lee said. “If he lied about this, then I can’t have much faith in him about anything else.”

Oh snap!

Porn star Ginger Lee - Anthony Weiner's stripper Twitter buddy

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Top photo: J.B Nicholas / Splash News