Andre Agassi auctions a peek at nude cell pic of wife Steffi Graf for charity

Steffi Graf Andre Agassi at Tony Hawk fund raiser

Tennis legend Andre Agassi had a sudden jolt of genius during a fund raiser in Taiwan.  He was on stage and made the announcement that:

“You pay more than $4,000, and I will show you a picture of my wife on my phone naked.”

It’s stories like this that send wives across the globe trembling in fear of that one compromising pic their sweet hubby has on their cell.  Stories like this AND the wealthy Taiwanese Johnny-on-the-spot who took Andre up on his offer and got to make an unexpected mental deposit in his spank bank.  That’s right, a bid was made, a middle aged man who was all smiles caught a peek and now he has Steffi’s nakedness burned in his memory forever.

Here is the clip from the event that is all foreign and covered in ads but you still get the priceless expression on the face of the man with the Steffi Graf plan.

I hope Andre feels good about raising that money and I hope he isn’t too sore from spending the last few days on the couch!

So what do you think?  Did Andre really mess up by offering up a private photo of his wife, who is a tennis legend in her own right, or was it an inspirational gift that helped raise quite a bit of money for charity?

Top Photo: Judy Eddy/