Kelsey Grammer in cross-dressing musical La Cage aux Folles

Kelsey Grammer's musical La Cage aux Folles interview

Camille Grammer hasn’t held back very much in the heated divorce with her famous Hollywood husband Kelsey Grammer.  The latest shot to the bow in her one-sided war of words came on the Howard Stern show as she insinuated that Kelsey might be a cross-dresser.  Here’s the clip where Camille says it without saying it if you know what I mean:

Here is that brief audio clip’s transcription in case you can’t listen or the post gets pulled from YouTube:

STERN: “But you’re saying you do think he’s gay, that when he got into La Cage aux Folles, he was in the right play.”

CAMILLE: “Well that’s for another reason…”

ROBIN QUIVERS: “He likes to dress up like a woman?”

CAMILLE: “I’m not saying it,”

STERN: “Poor Camille — honey why didn’t you call me? What did he stretch your panties when he put them on?”

That exchange sounds like classic Camille AND classic Stern.  Well if you’re like me and were unfamiliar with the musical in question I hunted down a few clips of Kelsey performing in the award winning show to see what all the cross-dressing hubbub is about.

Here is Kelsey from the 2010 Tony Awards performing a part of the musical:

Here’s a behind the scenes montage:

And here’s another montage clip of live performances from the musical:

Kelsey’s version of the musical was well received by critics and fans alike.  The production received 11 Tony Award nominations and won Best Musical Revival, Best Actor in a Musical (Douglas Hodge) and Best Direction of a Musical.

Here are a few images of Kelsey from the cross-dressing musical La Cage aux Folles:

Kelsey Grammer's musical La Cage aux Folles

Kelsey Grammer's La Cage aux Folles Tony Awards

Kelsey Grammer's performs in La Cage aux Folles

Kelsey Grammer's musical La Cage aux Folles

As for Kelsey’s response to Camille’s cross-dressing insinuation?  His rep didn’t have much to say about what Kelsey didn’t have to say about it:

“While it is not clear why Camille Grammer continues making public statements about her marriage to Kelsey, it is crystal clear that Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content.”

Now I am going to take a walk and try to get the image of Kelsey in a dress out of my mind.