Alexis Neiers says Bling Ring movie is ‘trashy’ and ‘inaccurate’

Alexis Neiers at Melanie Segal's Teen Choice Retreat Presented by T.J.Maxx held at The Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

In May of 2010 Alexis Neiers was sentenced to six months behind bars for her involvement in the “The Bling Ring” string of Hollywood robberies in 2009 that included the homes of such noted celebrities as Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. Critically acclaimed director Sofia Coppola will be releasing her big screen adaptation of the The Bling Ring starring Emma Watson in June, but all it took was watching the trailer for Alexis to offer up her harsh criticisms that included calling the film “trashy and inaccurate.”

Alexis saw the trailer early last month and posted her thoughts in a blog entry on her website “Based on what I saw it looks like it is just another party movie based on teens robbing celebrity homes,” Alexis wrote, adding that the real issue is with the teens of the world who have unhealthy obsessions with the every move of their favorite celebrities. According to Alexis, the obsession often leads to teens neglecting their own problems.

“I believe because we want an inside look into the real life of these celebrities and we enjoy publicly scrutinizing people because they “sin” differently then we do,” she says. “It is a method of distracting us from having to look at our own actions and sick behavioral patterns.”

Instead of making the film about how Alexis and the others robbed the homes and what they did inside, Alexis wishes it would be more about the underlying issues of today’s teens. “The story of teens robing the homes of celebrities is artificial and has no real depth and substance and I can only hope that Ms. Coppola decides to shed light to this truth. I am still hoping that this movie will accurately show what I have described above and I have faith in Sofia’s ability and in this film,” she said.

Weeks later (after Alexis seemingly saw more information on the film), when she was asked about the flick by Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman, Alexis said, “It’s trashy and inaccurate.” Since The Bling Ring was written based on the accounts of LAPD Detective Brett Goodkin and Vanity Fair writer Nancy Joe Sales, Alexis claims there is a huge lack of information. She even calls them “2 people who are everything they accused us of being. Celebrity status obsessed, fame & money hungry.” Because the case never went to trial, the world may never know exactly what happened — and with the media circus surrounding the incident, the case has been flooded with incorrect information.

“The detective who has been caught in multiple lies and who played himself in this film, and a woman who is an irresponsible, inaccurate and a dishonest journalist who is currently writing a book based on inaccurate facts,” Alexis explained, adding, “The truth will come out soon enough and I have no intention of seeing this film.”

Alexis plead no contest to the charges brought against her in the Bling Ring crimes. As we mentioned above, she was sentenced to 6 months behind bars, but was released after just 30 days. (It should be noted that Alexis was only present at the robbery of Orlando Bloom’s house and she has claimed from the beginning that she was drunk when it all went down.)

Alexis ran afoul of the law again in December of 2010 when police reportedly found her in possession of black tar heroin. For those charges Alexis avoided jail time and was instead sentenced to one year of residential rehab. Since then, Alexis has turned her life around. Last April, she got married to Canadian businessman Evan Haines and just weeks ago, she welcomed her first child.

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