16 & PREGNANT Taylor Luck, Desmond, Armani criminal histories & updates

MTV 16 and Pregnant Taylor Luck

The 16 and Pregnant Season 6 finale episode looks to be quite the doozy! 18-year-old Taylor Luck’s story appears to be very reminiscent of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver’s, and we all know how that has played out!

Just like Rachel, Taylor loves to party. Just like Rachel, Taylor is dating a close friend of the guy who got her pregnant. And just like Rachel, Taylor’s parents are no stranger to the legal system.

Taylor’s dad Corey and mom Tina have multiple arrests (mostly for fraud and writing bad checks) and they have been sued no fewer than 17 times — including multiple evictions. (The lawsuits and court fees for the cases total more than $90,000. Click here for a rundown of their criminal and civil court cases.)

The family’s legal troubles aren’t just financial, however. Pretty much everyone involved in Taylor’s story has a criminal record. That includes multiple arrests for Taylor’s dad, as well as criminal charges against her mom, her boyfriend, her baby daddy, and Taylor herself!

Taylor, Armani and Desmond crimes & charges

Starting with Taylor, she was charged with underage drinking in June of last year. She entered a no contest plea and was found guilty in September.

Taylor mentions in her episode that she met Armani, the father of her son, at a party. According to court records, Armani was charged with underage drinking on the same date as Taylor. I don’t know if that was when they first met. Their son Montgomery (Monty) was reportedly born on February 16 of this year. If he wasn’t born early, then the date of conception would have been some time in late May.

However, it appears that Monty didn’t get to go home until a month after his birth. And in most all of the photos of Monty, he still has tubes in his nose. More on Monty (and his brother?!) in a minute. Let’s get back to Armani…

Before the underage drinking charge, Armani was cited for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession in March of 2019. In March of the following year he was charged with misdemeanor damage to property and county disorderly conduct. The damage to property charge was later dropped, and he was found guilty of county disorderly conduct after pleading no contest.

In October of 2020, Armani was charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property. The results: “Court withheld sentence and placed defendant on probation for 12 months, pay costs in the amount of $453.00, pay restitution in the amount of $675.85 to victim 1 and $215.00 to the town of Lodi plus the 10% surcharge for a total of $979.93 Joint/Several with co defendant Desmond Townsend.”

If you read our post profiling the 16 and Pregnant Season 6 cast, then you will recognize the name of Armani’s co-defendant. Desmond Townsend is the friend of Armani that Taylor eventually ends up dating!

16 and Pregnant Taylor's baby daddy Armani and boyfriend Desmond Townsend

Desmond Townsend arrests

Moving on to Desmond’s past run-ins with the law… He was found guilty of failure of occupant to notify police of accident, driving without a valid license, and driving without insurance in March of 2020. A few months later, he was caught driving without a license again and also cited for violating curfew.

In October of 2020, Desmond was charged alongside Armani for misdemeanor criminal damage to property. (According to Desmond’s Facebook page, he and Taylor officially began dating 17 days after he and Armani were charged.) Unlike Armani, Desmond made things a bit more difficult for himself.

Desmond was a no show for his plea/sentencing hearing on April 2 and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was back in court on April 5 and the warrant was quashed. The case is still pending with a plea/sentencing hearing scheduled for May 17, 2021.

Speaking of making things more difficult for himself, one week after Desmond was busted for criminal damage to property, he got into more trouble and was charged with felony burglary, misdemeanor criminal damage to property, and misdemeanor theft of movable property under $2,500.

Desmond skipped out on his initial appearance and another warrant was issued. He showed up for court via video conference and the warrant was quashed. As part of his bail agreement, Desmond is ordered to have no contact with a particular woman that I won’t mention by name. (If she appears in Taylor’s episode, I will update to include it.)

UPDATE – I made a dumb error in thinking that Leota Park is a woman’s name when it is an actual park in Evansville, Wisconsin. The court documents literally state “No contact with Leota Park in Evansville, WI.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard the legal term “no contact” in reference to a place?

There is a plea/sentencing hearing scheduled for June 18.

16 and Pregnant Taylor Luck and Desmond update - Are they still together?


According to their social media posts, Taylor and Desmond are still together and happily raising two boys.

Wait, what?!

In addition to Monty, Desmond has also posted photos of a little boy named William that looks to have been born three days after Monty. In a gallery of Instagram pictures posted on March 17, Desmond wrote: “William & Monty💙🥺my life just changed in everyway possible🙏🏽 but I’m blessed to say I cant wait to raise you two together 🤞🏽 with the worlds greatest girlfriend on my side😩🥰”

On April 4, Desmond shared another gallery with Taylor and two boys. “Happy 1st Easter 🐣 Montgomery & William 🥺🥰,” he wrote. “Me and mommy love you 💙🐘”

To find out the story on William I guess we will all have to tune in to Taylor’s episode of 16 and Pregnant premiering tonight at 9/8c on MTV! Until then, here is the “Meet Taylor” video intro teaser from MTV:

UPDATE JULY 29 – Click here for the latest on Taylor’s relationships with Desond and Armani, Monty’s health, and all the legal issues for everyone.

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