90 DAY FIANCE Yve’s husband Mohamed’s texts with another woman leaked: Brief and full recap!

90 Day Fiance Yve Arellano quote about Mohamed

90 Day Fiance fans were mildly shocked this week when alleged WhatsApp text messages between Yve Arellano’s husband Mohamed Abdelhamed and another woman were leaked online. In the text exchanges, Mohamed talks about his disdain for Yve and his plans to leave her soon after getting his green card.

The first batch of messages were posted Thursday by @MerryPants on Instagram. “Mohamed has dreams and they don’t include Yve,” @MerryPants begins the caption for the gallery (included below). “While she is at work, he spends the most part of the day talking with his secret girlfriend. When Yve is there, he texts her.”

@MerryPants explains that there are A LOT of text messages between Mohamed and the mystery woman and the gallery is just a small sampling. Also included in the caption is an expression of gratitude to Mary from @kikiandkibbitz for helping out putting the gallery together.

Brief Recap of Leaked Mohamed Texts

• Mohamed and a mystery woman exchange numerous text messages between May and July of 2022. They may have started sooner and/or ended later, but that is the range for the texts that have been leaked so far.
• Mohamed’s plan is to file for divorce once he has his green card.
• If he doesn’t file for a divorce right away, Mohamed hopes to take a trip back home to Egypt to see his family once he gets his green card. He invites the woman to fly there with him.
• Mohamed is upset that Yve expects him to pay 50% of the rent and bills. The woman argues that if Yve expects Mohamed to pay rent “she has to split it by 3 not two. Because you don’t pay the kids part it’s not your responsibility.” Mohamed agrees and says that is what he told Yve.

• The woman and Mohamed are VERY flirty. Mohamed invites her to visit him in Albuquerque and says he will tell Yve he is at work. “I would just keep you in bed for days,” he writes, adding this trio of emoji: 🔥😋😍

• At one point, Mohamed pitches the idea of moving back to Egypt with the mystery woman, then applying for another K-1 visa.
• There is a playful exchange about the woman becoming Mohamed’s second wife. Mohamed agrees that there will not be a 3rd or 4th wife. “And then we kick the first one out,” the woman writes, adding a laughing emoji.
• Mohamed has a separate bank account set up for his income from Cameo that he doesn’t want Yve to have access to. She insists that she needs to have access in order to file taxes.
• The woman tells Mohamed that Yve needs to put her 13-year-old son Tharan in special needs daycare. “It’s her kid I don’t care what she wants to do,” Mohamed replies.

1st Leaked Mohamed Text Messages

Here is the initial gallery of leaked texts. If you are having difficulty reading them, we have typed most of them up and arranged them in chronological order below.

As you might imagine, the post had a number of skeptics. When asked about where the texts came from, @MerryPants replied: “I got them from anonymous secret sources and I was able to verify them to be authentic.” @MerryPants has a long history of providing impeccably reliable information in regards to cast members of 90 Day Fiance, Love After Lockup, and other shows.

The woman messaging Mohamed seems to be familiar with Egypt, and a commenter asks if she is also Egyptian. “She lived there for a few months in the past and that’s how they became friends at first cause they had this in common,” @MerryPants reveals.

After posting the initial batch of messages, and despite @MerryPants’ track record of posting accurate information, there were still some who were skeptical about the texts. There were also folks speculating that they may have been a trap, perhaps arranged by Yve’s friends.

@MerryPants posted another batch of texts on Friday. The gallery caption addressed the setup theory, and also revealed that some of the issues brought up in the text messages were likely addressed at the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Couples Tell All taping. Here is the gallery, followed by the caption:

NOTE: There is currently a damage control campaign going on. Rumours are purposefully being spread on social media that he may have been led on, baited or cat-fished. These are just rumours, more is coming and those rumours will fade away.

He and his girlfriend talk about his babysitting responsibilities.

I am told this subject will be touched upon at the Tell All (if they air that part). Apparently, he thinks another child is not something he would care for since just having this one to take care of is plenty.


Minutes after publishing this post, @MerryPants came through with more receipts, with A LOT more context from the mystery woman!

Full Recap of Mohamed Leaked Text Messages

I’ve put together most all of the leaked text messages for you below, minus the ones about Mohamed’s Cameo money. Those are a bit larger and easier to read in the original Instagram post embedded above.

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Yve’s husband Mohamed Leaked Text Messages

May 24 Starting at 7:37 PM

MOHAMED: I’m almost home I was in a walk
MOHAMED: She’s home today 😂
WOMAN: But she wants an Egyptian baby. I saw she wrote that somewhere
WOMAN: Be careful
WOMAN: Well hopefully you get a good dinner tonight. Probably not Koshari
MOHAMED: No she will never have an Egyptian baby inshallah 😂
WOMAN: Inshallah
WOMAN: Talk to you soon. Be safe.
WOMAN: There are people that care about you.
MOHAMED: I hope so 😂

May 25 Starting at 5:57 PM

MOHAMED: Even if it’s not this year may be later lol
MOHAMED: Take me to Egypt 😂
MOHAMED: If I’m flying to Egypt by myself you can join me if you want
MOHAMED: You are my best friend in America now 😅
WOMAN: By myself? Who else would come with you?

MOHAMED: I hope she doesn’t say I will go with you

WOMAN: Awe that’s sweet 😊

WOMAN: Why would she? I thought you are planning on leaving her
MOHAMED: She started to say after you work you will pay me this and that to make it harder for me to pay for the ticket
MOHAMED: After i get my green card and I make sure that I’m safe in America
WOMAN: You have to pay her for what?
MOHAMED: Rent and 50% of the bills 💸
MOHAMED: She wants me to pay her for Rent!
MOHAMED: I swear
MOHAMED: I need to get a job and save some money before I leave I don’t have a car


June 19 Starting at 3:42 PM

MOHAMED: You should to visit me in Albuquerque hopefully soon
MOHAMED: So we can get to know each other
WOMAN: Yep 😊 can’t wait … but for your safety we wait till you get the greencard and some time has passed.
WOMAN: I seriously can’t wait to actually meet you ☺️☺️☺️
MOHAMED: I will go to the attorney right after I get the green card
MOHAMED: Hopefully we can schedule a consultation with the Santafa attorney
WOMAN: We will 😉 everything will be fine.
MOHAMED: Inshallah 🤗
MOHAMED: I can’t live with her for long time
MOHAMED: That’s impossible

June 20 Starting at 5:41 PM

MOHAMED: You know I would leave to go with you
MOHAMED: That’s how I feel
WOMAN: Me too. I totally would get you right away 😘
WOMAN: But we have to wait just a tiny bit longer for you to get the greencard 😘😘😘 I hate the waiting too


June 21 Starting at 12:13 AM

MOHAMED: Come to Albuquerque I’m close to you 😂
MOHAMED: You can come for a night and drive back 😂
MOHAMED: You can arrive here very early I will go spend the whole day with you as a work with my friend 😉
MOHAMED: I can ask my friend to pick me up at 7:45 am as usual for work

June 21 Starting at 6:51 PM

MOHAMED: I would just keep you in bed for days 🔥😋😍
MOHAMED: Just kidding lol
WOMAN: No please be for real 😘🥰


June 24 Starting at 10:52 AM PM

MOHAMED: Let’s go to Egypt 😂
WOMAN: And so what?
MOHAMED: Like in Dahab work there
WOMAN: Like moving back? Really?
WOMAN: Omg really?
MOHAMED: And apply for a green card from there and come back later 😂

June 25 Starting at 12:37 PM

MOHAMED: You can’t hide the moon 🌚
WOMAN: What moon???
WOMAN: I am the moon?
WOMAN: Awe you are cute 🥰
WOMAN: I could hug you right now 😘
MOHAMED: Save it for later 🥰
WOMAN: Oh trust me I will 🥰


June 26 Starting at 1:01 AM

MOHAMED: I would love to go with you any where
MOHAMED: Trust me I don’t care anymore
MOHAMED: And I’m sorry again
MOHAMED: What about a kiss 😘
WOMAN: Gosh you are the cutest ever

June 27 Starting at 12:07 AM

WOMAN: Where are you at right now?
WOMAN: Oh and she’s in the living room?
MOHAMED: She with her kid
MOHAMED: But I heard her in the kitchen
WOMAN: Well hopefully she stays there
MOHAMED: I hope so
WOMAN: Maybe the kid needs water or some
WOMAN: Something

MOHAMED: Well I’m not scared

WOMAN: I know but I don’t want you to be upset or get stressed she’s not worth it

MOHAMED: If I don’t my green card I have you 🥰
WOMAN: He made you go this way for a reason
WOMAN: And in the end you will be stronger than ever and you will live a great and piecefull life
MOHAMED: The divorce will be tough too and court
WOMAN: When it comes to that point I will be there with you if you want me too
WOMAN: You don’t have to do this allone
WOMAN: I just can’t be there with you right now. Unless she lets me move in 😂
MOHAMED: You are funny lol
WOMAN: I mean you can always ask you

WOMAN: You can have 4 wife’s right? 😂


MOHAMED: Do you agree to be the second
MOHAMED: If yes come here
WOMAN: I would be so honored
MOHAMED: Ohh really
WOMAN: Of course that would be an honor
MOHAMED: You are the best
WOMAN: You too. But no more ok? No 3rd or 4th 😂😂
WOMAN: And then we kick the first one out 😂
WOMAN: See now you are smiling at least a little bit. She’s so ungrateful. Every other women would see it as an honor to be married to your
MOHAMED: Thank you ❤️


July 12 Starting at 4:13 PM

WOMAN: If she charges you rent she has to split it by 3 not two.
WOMAN: Because you don’t pay the kids part it’s not your responsibility
MOHAMED: Yeah I know
MOHAMED: I told her that
MOHAMED: I’m going for now she is here
MOHAMED: Talk to you later 😘😘😘

July 13 Starting at 12:56 PM

WOMAN: How old is that kid? 7? 8?
MOHAMED: Today is his birthday
WOMAN: 😳 dang she can just put him into some special needs daycare
MOHAMED: Not till 18
WOMAN: Wrong they are everywhere. My friends kid is 12 and autistic and he is in a special needs daycare from 8am-6pm

WOMAN: But who cares

MOHAMED: Exactly it’s her kid I don’t care what she wants to do

WOMAN: You work you pay your rent and she can take care of HER responsibilities
MOHAMED: Exactly
WOMAN: Tell her you are starting from the moving company full time and when she says what about the kid you can always say he’s yours not mine
WOMAN: I bet you already said that 😂
MOHAMED: I said it a lot

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