BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Darcey Silva’s House of 11 merchandise now available, plus history of the brand

Darcey Silva House of 11 Eleven

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva and twin sister Stacey Silva have been using the show this season to help promote their House of 11 fashion line. In their first episode of Season 4, the single siblings were shown trying on wedding dresses as they revealed they were looking into expanding their line to include bridal wear. After much anticipation among fans, Darcey announced this week that the new House of 11 merchandise is currently available on the line’s website, but it doesn’t look like any bridal gowns made the cut.

“House of Eleven and Hof11 Beauty launching!” Darcey announced on Instagram on Tuesday. “Get your glam on with our Darcey & Stacey inspired looks! ⭐️”

Soon after her announcement, the products went live on the website. It appears that the initial line features 12 products total. That includes three t-shirts, two different House of 11 logo baseball caps, three handbags, two styles of sunglasses, and a pair of red-bottom stiletto high heels.

Here is a screen shot of the entire collection followed by a brief description, pricing, and link for each:

Darcey Silva House of Eleven collection where to buy

Darcey Silva House of 11 Louboutin inspired red soled stilettoo high heel shoes

“The Never Ending Story” Shirt $35.00

“You gotta cut it on a bias Babe” Shirt $35.00

“You never loved me…” Shirt $35.00

Camouflage Military Surplus Jacket $100.00

Darcey Sunglasses $25.00 (Comes in smoky black, navy blue, black, and leopard brown)

Stacey Sunglasses $25.00 (Comes in black, pink, brown, and dark brown)


HO11 Camo Cap $59.00

HO11 Solid Cap $35.00 (Comes in black, navy, red, and white)

Hermie Vegan Leather Bag $60.00

Quilted Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag $75.00

Red Sparrow Vegan Leather Tote Bag And Wallet $60.00 (SOLD OUT)

Duchess Stiletto Genuine Italian Leather Shoes $85.00 (Made to order)

Unfortunately for fans, the new line of Hof11 products does not include the now-infamous logo panties worn by Darcey, which were described as “mystifying” by at least one website writing about them. (Photo included at the top of this post.)

If you’re curious about the name House of 11 and how that relates to Darcey and Stacey’s brother Michael, it is because he was born on May 11 and passed away on July 11. Here is a post from Darcey that she shared on Instagram in November of 2017 remembering her brother:

Dear Michael, We love and miss you our beautiful beloved brother. Your legacy will always live on forever. Everything we do great is in honor of you. Your strength is golden. You are always with us still. I feel you around us everyday. You are our angel from heaven. May 11 1971- July 11th 1998 your spirit will always love on. When we see 11:11 on the clock it’s our wishes in honor of you. Your twin sister’s promise to make you proud and will continue our legacy in honor of you. House of Eleven…Hof11 is…and always will be dedicated to you and in the truth and honor of you. Our Silva name and legacy will live on. Your twins will continue this legacy for us all and for everyone who has lost a loved one in life. Thank you for being the best brother in the whole wide world. We love you with all our hearts and soul and we feel you here with us. Love, Your twin sisters ❤️?#belovedbrother #michael #bigbrother #babysisters #ourangel #ourstrength #loving #bestbrotherintheworld #alwaysinourhearts ❤️?

And a message from Darcey on Michael’s birthday in 2018:

Happy Birthday to my beloved brother Michael in heaven. Thank you for watching over your twin sisters me, and Stacey @staceysilva11 and our beautiful babies! We will always feel your spirit with us everywhere we go and your angel wings wrapped around us for protection. You will always be in our heart, soul, protector and patriarch! We will always do everything in honor of you! House of Eleven and 11th Entertainment is named in honor of you and your strength! Like when we see 11:11 on the clock we know it’s you and confirming to us to never give up just like you. We will never forget your willpower, love and strength to live strong! We miss you dearly and pray to you and love you forever Mickey! Rest In Peace our beloved Angel Brother Michael! ????❤️ #angel #brother #heaven #godsplan #guardianangel #fightcancer #pray #missyou #loveyou #alwaysinmyheart

And a video memorializing Michael, complete with a musical tribute:

For those fans thinking that the Silva sisters’ fashion line is just something they created to capitalize on the exposure from being on the show (multiple times), that is clearly not the case. The twins launched the line well before Darcey’s Before the 90 Days debut. Here are a couple photos from the House of 11 fashion line from 2013, including a runway show during New York Fashion Week:

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Darcey Silva House of 11 New York Fashion Week runway show

Before the 90 Days Darcey Silva House of 11 fashion line photo from 2013

The brand boasted about numerous celebrities wearing House of 11, including singer Demi Lovato (on the cover art for her single “Really Don’t Care”), supermodel Sarah DeAnna, The Real co-host Jeannie Mai, actress and model Angie Everhart, and actress Jessica Alba:

It’s unknown where the Silva sisters plan to take House of 11 moving forward. Will it be more high fashion oriented, or will it focus on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days tie-in products? I’m hoping for the latter, and I even have a few suggestions — swipe the Instagram gallery for images!

“Key To My Heart” Box & Key With Engravable Plate

Ergonomic “On The Bias” Steak Knife With Angled Blade

Self Defense “Trauma Heels” With Heel Blade

“Darcey Lips” Wax lips

Sharpie Eyebrow Markers

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