90 DAY FIANCÉ Did Kimberly and TJ break up? She’s back in the US!

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Kimberly and TJ wedding photo

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers recently saw the very elaborate, very lengthy Indian wedding ceremony between Kimberly and Tejaswi (TJ) Goswami play out on screen.

Despite committing to each other multiple times during the multiple ceremonies, the issues between Kimberly, TJ, and TJ’s family left many fans doubtful that the couple would remain together. Those doubts were seemingly strengthened by Kimberly in a recent live stream.

Kimberly is back in the United States

Kimberly went live on Instagram on Halloween, and during the lengthy stream she answered questions from viewers. When asked if she is currently living in India, Kimberly responds by revealing, “I am in the United States.”

The announcement was iterated by Kim in the comments. “You’re here in America,” one follower wrote. “Yep,” Kimberly answered.

UPDATE – During another Instagram live stream, Kimberly talked more about the fact that she is currently back in the United States, but still refrained from sharing any information about her relationship status. She said that she has been back in the United states since “mid or late September.” Kimberly also admits that she feels like she and TJ would be happier in the United States, “if we are still together.”

The background of Kimberly’s video doesn’t appear to be her apartment in India. Plus, there is a University of Tennessee hat hanging on the door. I’m not aware of any connection between Kimberly and the University of Tennessee?

In addition to flatly stating she is currently in the United States, Kimberly also posted a video clip on Facebook that seems to confirm it. Kimberly is in a car and stopped at a set of train tracks in the clip. The street signage reveals that she is in southeast Missouri.

TLC states Kimberly is from Alabama, but she was actually raised in a small town in northeast, Arkansas on the Tennessee border. Her hometown is not too far from the Missouri border, so her train crossing Facebook video recorded in southeast Missouri coud make sense for a variety of reasons.

Kimberly mentions in the video that she attended a wedding over the weekend. Could it be that she made the trip back home to attend a family member’s wedding?

Did Kimberly and TJ break up?

Prior to Kimberly revealing that she is currently back in the United States, TJ seemed to hint at a split with a Facebook post on August 20. “When it’s hard to understand just accept it. Sooner or later, things will fall into their place,” he wrote, adding the #feel hash tag.

Prior to that post, TJ shared this quote on Facebook on August 11:

Cherishing the beautiful journey we’ve had, filled with laughter, adventures, and countless memories.

💫 But as time dances on, we realize that letting go doesn’t mean forgetting.
It means making space for new beginnings and embracing the chapters yet to be written. 🌟

‘The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.’ – Alan Watts ✨

Here’s to embracing the future with an open heart while treasuring the past. 🌈🌱

#EmbraceChange #NewBeginnings

TJ’s posts, combined with Kimberly being back in the United States, would certainly seem to suggest a break up. However, it could just be a temporary return.

Kimberly has been posting photos and videos of TJ on social media, and her captions are still quite friendly. Given that she is currently in the United States, they must be older photos and videos, right?

In one gallery of images, Kimberly and TJ are eating at a restaurant with signage written in English — including a menu with hamburgers and sandwiches. However, the other people and some of the decor suggest the restaurant was in India.

Kimberly mentions that we have to wait until after the Tell All before she can say anything about her relationship status with TJ. Hmmmm… Perhaps Kimberly came back to the US to film the Tell All, and she’s spending some extra time visiting family and friends?

During the live stream, Kimberly was asked if she was single. “I don’t know,” Kimberly answered. “Watch the show!”

That appears to be what we will all have to do! New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way air Monday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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