8-month-pregnant lady competed in The Olympics!

8-month-pregnant Malasian shooter Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi just competed in the 2012 Olympics 10-meter air rifle event, placing 34th place in the qualifying competition (which was actually pretty good considering she went into the Olympics ranked 47th in the world.)

Nur found out she was going to be a mom around the same time she found out she was going to London. What a wash of emotions that month must have been!

She’s one of the small number of pregnant women who have competed in the Olympics, and definitely the most pregnant one to ever compete.

She said to her kicking baby before she competed: “Mommy is going to shoot here.”

Her husband Marhazli B. Mhotar worried about her traveling while pregnant, and wanted her to have a Caesarian section instead of a natural birth (because he thinks Ceasarians are “more predictable.”)

Nur pushed aside her husband’s worries though

“I think that I can do whatever I want to because I’m quite stubborn. Anything I want to do, I will do.”