VIDEO High school freshman and teacher get in brutal brawl


On Monday Marlina Martinez, a 15-year-old high school freshman at Stockton, California’s Cesar Chavez High School, began applying makeup towards the end of her math class. The teacher confiscated the makeup and when Martinez demanded that it be returned things broke bad as the two engaged in a violent brawl that was caught on video via a fellow classmate’s cellphone.

Martinez claims that she called her mother on her cell and requested that the teacher, who remains unnamed because she has yet to face any charges, speak to her mom so that she could demand that the teacher return the makeup. When she handed over her phone, the teacher took that away as well.

At this point Martinez and the teacher became heated as obscenities were shouted and the situation devolved into an outright fight with both parties ending up on the floor. Here is the raw footage with the necessary bleeps, but I’ll still warn you the actions shown are violent and disturbing:

In the aftermath of this terrible event, Martinez was arrested by school district police on an assault charge and has been suspended for five days. The teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

Martinez has indicated that she is considering filing charges against the teacher as well as a lawsuit.