Katy Perry bikini photos

Katy Perry bikini photo

One thing that seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle because of all the advances in image-capturing technology, not to mention the huge expansion in the market for celebrity photos thanks to the internet, is the not so fine art of the paparazzi bikini photo. There’s something to be said for a grainy photograph of famous woman that looks to have been taken by somebody hiding in a bush a half mile away. Whenever I see those kind of pictures I always feel like I’m seeing something rare and not often seen by human eyes – almost like a picture of the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. Plus, a photo framed by leaves or hotel balcony railings is much more realistic and relays perfectly the wonderful experience of catching an unepected glimpse of a beautiful woman wearing next to nothing.

In other words, here are some not-so-great (but really great!) pictures of Katy Perry relaxing poolside at her hotel in Miami wearing a yellow, green, and black patterned bikini. Be warned though, if you feel you are too young for coin slot viewing, you should probably click away now!

Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction coin slot photo  Katy Perry lounges by the pool in a bikini  Katy Perry with a mystery man in Miami

Katy Perry pulls her bikini out of her butt in Miami  Katy Perry bends over in a sexy bikini

Not enough Katykini pics for you? Here she is from the day before wearing an even smaller black bikini!

Sexy Katy Perry bikini photo from Miami
Katy Perry walking poolside in a bikini in Miami Florida  Rear view of Katy Perry in a sexy skimpy bikini  Katy Perry's ass in a bikini

Am I the only one who assumed all of Katy Perry’s bikinis either had spinning peppermint candy boobs or shot whipped cream? #VeryMildDisappointment

Photos: WENN.com and Kadena Press/WENN.com