16 & Pregnant’s Leah Messer discusses life with twins

Leah Messer from 16 and Pregnant

UPDATE: Leah and Corey were married October 17, 2010, and will be featured on Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer is the first teenager on MTV’s gripping and controversial reality show 16 & Pregnant to have twins. The extra child and an extra helping of baby daddy drama meant an extra 30 minutes as Leah’s episode, which premiered last night (April 6, 2010), ran for 90 minutes instead of the normal one hour, another first for the show.

During her After Show interview with MTV, Leah reveals details that should startle any teenage girl. Leah got pregnant the very first time she had sex with Corey Simms – on prom night. She had not had her birth control shot in over a month, but still thought her last one was good. Once she suspected she was pregnant, one of her pregnancy tests came back negative.

As we witnessed, Leah’s struggle was magnified by having to deal with a high-risk pregnancy, months of bed rest, premature babies who almost didn’t make it, and of course, two of them to take care of for at least 18 years.

See the interview below where Leah discusses with MTV’s SuChin Pak dealing with taking care of twins, fearing for their safety, and struggling with her feelings for Corey and Robbie: