Raychel Coudriet photos: Tiger Woods’ latest mistress… and neighbor!

Raychel Coudriet

The latest entrant in the Tiger Woods mistress parade is 22-year-old (at the time) University of Alabama student Raychel Coudriet of Windermere, Florida. If that town sounds familiar it’s because Raychel was Tiger’s neighbor!

That’s right! Not only was Tiger sleeping with his waitress at the Perkins restaurant down the road, he was also having sex with his neighbor’s daughter, who Tiger had known since she was 14!

All of this is according to an exclusive article in the new National Enquirer that hit stands today. Say what you will about The National Enquirer, but just like every blond stripper and adult film star from New York to LA, they have been on top of this Tiger thing! They were the first to break the Rachel Uchitel story, which lead to the infamous SUV crash last Thanksgiving.

Oh, and speaking of that infamous SUV crash, according to the Enquirer article, it was in that same Cadillac Escalade that Tiger reportedly first hit on Raychel. One of Tiger’s first moves was to make “vulgar comments about her ‘cleaning his golf balls,'” according to the tabloid.

Who could resist such a smooth operator? Not Raychel, who accepted Woods’ invitation to attend party at a friends’ house. Raychel was smart enough to bring along a female friend, but Tiger was quick to counter with a sitting-right-beside-her text message asking her to ditch the pal.

Tiger later picked Raychel up at her home (in the SUV of course) and after a make-out session they went to his office where Tiger got his Woods on.

The source says Raychel verbalized her feelings about the encounter afterward by saying, “I felt used and violated, like I meant nothing to him but a night of casual sex. I just wanted to dig a big hole, crawl in and die.”

Tiger reportedly hounded her with text messages, including this suave example, “What are you doing right now? Are you touching yourself? I want to —- you.”

Obviously, there has been a frantic race by sites like ours to try to dig up a decent image of Raychel, but alas, she seems to have been smart enough to delete her internet tracks pretty well. I did manage to score the large photo above, but otherwise all that is left are cached versions of her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Her Facebook account was under the name RaYchel Ceceili Coudriet and featured this blurry photo of Raychel and a friend having fun:

Raychel Coudriet Facebook picture

This photo is from an older cache of her Facebook account, showing Raychel (I assume) and a male friend enjoying an Alabama football game:

Raychel Coudriet Facebook photo

Here is a screenshot of her deleted Twitter account (Click to see the full-size image):

Raychel Coudriet's deleted Twitter account

About the only other information I could find is that Raychel seemed to be doing well in college, making the University of Alabama Dean’s List. (Her name is misspelled “Rachael”)

Raychel’s father is Raymond Coudriet who is a builder of luxury homes and owner of Ray Coudriet Builder, Inc. out of Orlando. (This would explain the unconventional spelling of “Raychel”) Here is a photo of Ray and his wife followed by a couple links to articles about his construction company:

Raymond Coudriet and his wife

Behind on your Tiger Woods Mistressology 101? Get all caught up with the Tiger Woods Mistresses Scorecard, which features photos of all of the known mistresses so far as well as a brief bio! I’ll get to work on adding Raychel to the list.

CLICK HERE for a 2004 Orlando Business Journal profile of Ray Coudriet which says he is the father of Rachael Coudriet, 16 [sic]; Kristopher Coudriet, 28; and Jonathan Coudriet, 19. His wife’s name is Jan and she has daughters named Vanessa, 28; Elena, 26; and Sarah, 25.

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