1000 LB SISTERS Amy and her sister Amanda married and divorced brothers

1000 LB Sisters‘s Amy Slaton is currently going through a divorce from Michael Halterman, and her sister Amanda has experienced the same thing with his brother Jason.

Amanda married Jason Halterman 24 years ago, and they have four kids. They separated 3 years ago. On the show, Amanda says her “world fell apart” after the separation and she gained some weight.

Amanda had previously been the first sister to have weight loss surgery, and now she’s on another health journey with her siblings Amy, Tammy, Chris, and Misty. Her goal is to lose 80-100 pounds and just be happier.

She wants to wait a while before dating again so she can focus on herself.

The divorce between Amy and Michael has been ugly so far. Before Michael filed for divorce on March 17, Amy filed an order for emergency protection on February 28 and opened a domestic violence case.

A few days before Amy made these filing, police had been called to their home because of a domestic disturbance. The 911 call reveals that Amy accused Michael of “throwing things” during an argument. Michael told police at the time that Amy wanted to end the marriage, but he did not.

On March 8, the protection order was amended to let Michale have supervised contact with the children.

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