1000-LB SISTERS How much weight has Amy Slaton lost?

For 1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton-Halterman, life has changed dramatically since weight loss surgery in 2019. The most important change for Amy is that she’s been able to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a mother. How much did Amy weigh at her highest and how much weight has she lost in total?

Amy was advised by her doctor to not get pregnant right away after weight loss surgery because of complications that might arise, but Amy found out she was pregnant with baby Gage just four months after surgery. She had already lost a good deal of weight at that point, both to get approved for bariatric surgery and after the surgery, which may have impacted her fertility in a positive way.

At the beginning of her series, Amy weighed in at 406 lbs. At the time her son Gage was six months old, Amy weighed in at 260 lbs., which means she’d lost 146 lbs since her weight loss surgery. 40 pounds of weight loss occurred after she gave birth to Gage in November 2020. She also went from a 5XL to an XL in clothes sizes.

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