The Bachelorette’s Josh Seiter is trying to date Amy Slaton

Newly single mom of two Amy Slaton from 1000 Lb Sisters is in for a surprise this week. Josh Seiter, who was eliminated on week 1 of Season 11 of the The Bachelorette, has announced his plans to show up at Amy Slaton’s door with flowers, sodies, and chocolates in an attempt to date her. Amy’s just the latest in his string of reality show romances.

“Let’s be honest, Amy will never be able to resist me when she sees me,” Josh says in his Instagram Story. “She’s never been with a man who looks like me.”

Josh shared a driving map on his Instagram stories, and then explained that he was driving down to where Amy lives in Kentucky to “ask if she’ll go out with me.” He says he’ll be live-streaming during the event and will have romantic gifts for her, including her favorite “sodies.”

Honestly, this seems like attention-seeking love-bombing in an attempt to garner some content.

Josh spoke with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, however, claiming that he has pure intentions. “I’m going because honestly ever since I first saw her on TV in 2020 I can’t stop thinking about her,” he said.

He also said that he’s attracted to “bigger women,” but has been ashamed about his attraction because of societal pressures.

Still, Amy is under no obligation to answer her door or livestream with him and hopefully he will respect her boundaries.

Josh has a history of dating reality show cast members, which should be another concern for Amy. In the past he’s dated Yolanda Leak and Karine Staehle from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and Lizzie Kommes from Love After Lockup. Last November he even tattooed Yolanda’s name inside his right arm.

Amy has recently changed her TikTok bio to “I’m just a single mom of two wonderful boys” and shared her mood with a TikTok featuring Reba McEntire’s “I’m a Survivor.”


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