‘Stalker vibes?’ Tammy’s husband Caleb purposefully sought her out

On last week’s episode of 1000 LB Sisters it was revealed that Tammy Slaton’s husband Caleb Willingham purposefully sought treatment at her rehab facility, leading others to worry that he was engaging in “stalker” behavior. Her family is concerned that he might take advantage of Tammy or have clout-chasing intentions.

Tammy met Caleb in rehab after a trach infection thwarted her plans to move back home.

Like Tammy, Caleb has trach and weighed over 700 pounds at his highest. At the time of filming, he weighed 480 lb.

Tammy said Caleb had been staying in his room for a while at the facility and had only recently come out.

Once he came out he immediately bonded with Tammy and their relationship progressed at a fast rate. In just a few weeks Caleb proposed to Tammy. Her family found out about Tammy’s new relationship on social media.

When Tammy called her family to share her news (Season 4, Episode 9,) they were concerned about how fast the proposal was and the fact that Caleb also struggles with his weight. They worry about what their life might look like after they get out of rehab.

Tammy might have to take care of Caleb, or they both might regain their weight together. Tammy’s history with relationships have been bad, and she’s often been treated badly and enabled by boyfriends.

After the phone call ended, her family continued to discuss the potential drawbacks of Tammy’s new romance.

Earlier (Season 4, Episode 10,) Caleb revealed that he came to Tammy’s facility because of her.

“What brought you here, though?” Tammy asked. “You,” Caleb replied, which sparked suspicion from Tammy’s friends.

“Hold on,” one of her friends said. “What are we talking about here now?”

Caleb then claimed that his best friend’s wife found out about Tammy and her facility on social media and told her about it.

“Wait, you looked at her social media and then you came here?” Daniel asked. “What do they all that? Stalker vibes.”

“I don’t stalk, I do research,” Caleb said in defense of himself.

Tammy acknowledged that his behavior was a little strange, but excused it. “Might be a tad bit stalker-ish. But I ain’t mad at him,” she said.

Caleb had actually been at the facility for a year, but had been unable to come out of his room for most of the year because of health issues.

While visiting for the whirlwind wedding, Tammy’s brother Chris met with Caleb to grill him. He asked him if he would be a bad influence on Tammy like some of her past boyfriends and friends. Caleb said that he wouldn’t encourage Tammy to party.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes,” Caleb said about his pursuit of Tammy. “I’m not quitting. I’m not giving up. I’m not stopping. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never been this motivated. You have no idea how heartfelt every single moment of my life is because of your sister.”

Chris was most worried about Caleb’s ability to earn a living because of his physical limitations. Chris was also concerned about how Caleb would handle the “Queen Tammy” persona when she gets in a bad mood.

“I kinda feel sorry for him because I don’t think he understands the ass-chewing he’s about to receive. He’ll be thanking Jesus for the ass he has left on his body when Tammy gets done with that poor kid,” Chris said.

Tammy says Caleb is a lot different than most of the guys she’s dated in the past because she typically doesn’t date people who are overweight. She finds Caleb to be funny and cute and says that instead of going for the “skinny bad guys” she’s “giving somebody else a chance.”

Meanwhile, Tammy’s sister Amanda was very skeptical about Caleb. In a preview for next week’s episode, she directly asks Caleb what his plans are for Tammy.

Caleb claims that his plans are pure intentioned. “The only thing I plan to gain is continued happiness,” he says.

Amanda’s not playing around, though. “That is our little sister, and if its a snake in the grass we just cut the head off, okay? That’s how we roll,” Amanda told Caleb.

Tammy and Caleb married on November 19, 2022 at the rehab facility just weeks after they met.

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