“Divorce papers” in Leah Messer’s hand actually Facebook messages

Leah Messer reading Facebook messages pertaining to her divorce from Corey Simms

We previously published some photos provided by Splash News that claimed to be Teen Mom Leah Messer reading from “divorce papers” to a friend as an MTV film crew captured the moment for Season 2 of the show. The photos came on the heels of numerous reports, and even online court records, claiming Leah and her husband Corey Simms had filed for divorce.

Numerous commenters pointed out that the papers didn’t resemble legal documents and it turns out they were right! The print outs Leah is reading are actually Facebook messages from someone named Jordan.

The messages on the legible page are from April and appear to say:

Thank you =) So are you…well…in a manly way. Lol.


You are very attractive.

I’m guessing we can assume the Facebook interaction between Corey and this Jordan person contributed to the split.

Leah Messer Simms divorce documents are actually Facebook messages from Jordan

We are currently working on getting some clearer images, but until then you can see the uncropped photo at BabyCenter.com.

Top Photo: SplashNews.com

  • J

    I hope they are not getting a divorce over FACEBOOK messages! JEEZ! I could see if He went out and cheated(even though SHE cheated first right after the twins where born. But if they reason they are divorcing is because of messages then they are WAY childish and should never have gotten married to start out with. Marriage is FOREVER.

    • Brittany

      Well it does look like there are a lot of messages, she’s holding a whole book! Maybe these messages led to something beyond Facebook, maybe they met up in real life and that’s what led to the divorce, and to me, if that’s not a reason to get divorced, I don’t know what is.
      Besides their whole marriage seemed forced. When she told him she had doubts about getting married right now, he basically told her that if they don’t get married they’re over. She didn’t want to lose him so she went on with it even though she wasn’t 100% sure about it, and since she wasn’t all that sure she did the right thing, she kept looking for a validation for that, and she found it. What a shame though.

      • J

        I agree, Cheating is a VERY good reason for divorce. I guess we have to wait until they release a statement or next season of teen mom 2.
        I don’t think they should have gotten married. They where not ready. I wonder if they did if for ratings.. like maybe MTV paid them MORE to get them to do it? I have no idea, but she isn’t even 20 yet, and she has twins, has been married, and is now getting a divorce! it’s sad.

        • Beatriz

          Marriage is forever. You’re supposed to work through your issues period. If you don’t believe that then you shouldn’t be getting married. She’s dumb. He probably forced the marriage just so he could cheat on her and make her feel like sh*t. Poor twins though because I see him totally checking out altogether once their divorced. He’ll probably get married to another chick and have babies with her. Good luck Leah

  • Carrie

    Corey is speaking on his Twitter page. He says Leah is the one divorcing him, he said they just weren’t happy any more, too much stress, and then, when posting pictures, he said “I hope we make it threw (his spelling)….

    • Krystal

      Corey does not have a twitter. Leah is the only one who has one.

    • Brittany

      yeah I think the one you took the “quote” from is fake.

    • heather

      corey does NOT have twitter… their friend amy has said that many times, and leah herself has said it…

  • zoey

    So, looks like Corey was the one who cheated. Did NOT expect that. I thought he was genuinely in love with her. Guess guys will be guys.

  • carmarc

    Cory doesnt have a twitter.Leah told everyone on her Twitter.its a fake.

  • Brittany

    I was rooting for them. What a shame… Well they should have never rushed into marriage like they did.

  • Jwoww

    I enjoy teen mom and it does suprise me that cory would do this to leah, she is super cute. Hopefully they can get past this.][p

  • K

    Looks like one of the messages says something like “Yea [….] Haven’t been very happy in along[sic] time.”

    • k

      No…it says you have [X] new notifications. Lol

  • Vanessa

    If Corey was talking to other girl on facebook and it was just talking I don’t get why Leah cant forgive Corey and just go to counselor and fight for her marriage. What Corey did was wrong if it true but I think Leah has no room to judge and be so in a rush to divorced him. She work so hard to get her family back and to throw it away just over facebook messages that can easily have been mess with to make it seems more then what it really is . For we know someone could of hack into corey facebook account and made-up the messages Corey had to deal with all the cheating rumors photos of her in the cover of us weekly with another guy so to me I think Leah needs to put on her big girl undies and deal with her marriage instead of walking away like she said marriage is forever

  • Leslie

    People just don’t know how to take marriage serious anymore, and just find any excuse to get divorced. Marriage isn’t like dating, it’s no fairytale. You really have to work at it to keep it strong. If you can’t do that, then you have no business getting married at all. I do wish the best for Leah and Corey, and hope they don’t put their babies in the middle of their divorce.

  • Dani

    I’m pretty sure that Leah was the one that cheated with a GUY named Jordan… not Corey… Or so I’ve read.

    • zoey

      Then why would she be reading them and so upset? And why did SHE file for divorce instead of Corey?

  • Kay

    Well Leah & Amy have said about a million times that Corey doesn’t even have a Facebook page. She lives around here & is not quite the nice little girl she plays to be on MTV… I’m gonna leave it at that. I have a feeling Corey is about to get drug through the mud, big time & we will probably never know what really went down. I think MTV wanted them to get married & it was a condition of Leah getting on the show, I think Corey genuinely loved her but I have a feeling she didn’t love him back

  • Devon P

    All the people matching that name on FB seem to be female, fwiw.

    I don’t think Leah was every truly in love, sadly. Has everyone forgotten how abysmally she treated Corey in 16 and Pregnant? I loathed her. I thought she really matured and grew to recognize she cared for him, but I think those “cold feet” were truly very cold. Unfortunately, I think MTV and Corey both applied a little too much pressure. MTV was probably all “We’ll pay for a nice wedding if we can do it for the finale” and Corey told her that they were essentially through if she didn’t get married on the planned date.

    It’s sad. I was honestly pulling for them in a way I never had on this show. Both probably contributed to this. Once the rumors were so ubiquitous a couple months ago, I knew it was inevitable.

  • Devon P

    If Corey was the one that filed, then it would make sense that she’d be reading those FB messages. If she’s the only one with a FB account, then they’re obviously not Corey’s. I’m not sure about that, though, because there is FB account under “Corey Simms” who looks remarkably like Corey. Could be a fan, I guess, but it’s locked down pretty tight and fans generally don’t bother. This might be what Corey is presenting as evidence in the upcoming divorce and custody case.

    A lot of news outlets are reporting Leah filed, but a local said that the person served was listed first on the newspaper notice. I guess we’ll wait and see. I really liked Corey and Leah as a couple, but Leah has always worried me. Too much time focused on cold feet and her history didn’t bode well. I remember feeling outraged at the end of her 16 and Pregnant episode. In that moment, I hated her more than Amber Portwood. And that’s significant.

  • Kay

    No, I live here and the person whose name is listed first on the divorce listings is the one that filed. So she definitely was the one who filed for divorce. It’s possible he has a Facebook page but that would be very recent, like within the last two weeks. I just think it’s kind of suspect that Leah was acting all happy go lucky and then bam, right after Unseen Moments all this starts coming out. Then her page mysteriously vanishes. Like I said, I doubt we will ever know what truly happened. I know that the law office she was pictured at is the absolute most expensive in our area BUT the lawyer is really not that good. If the argument was over $19,000 for a truck, she can definitely kiss that goodbye to Lynn Ranson!

  • Sara

    I’m pretty sure the very bottom says, “Ya! I know =]I haven’t been this happy in along time, I haven’t even met you though!”

    Least that’s what I’m able to make out.

  • nikki

    those are def facebook print outs…thats what they look like when you get the notifications in your email, it has the link at the bottom where you can reply. i’ve checked facebook messages that were in email from my ipod so thats why i am positive thats what they are and that is why you can only see that Jordan persons responses. so sad, after everything they went through i was hoping they would make it.

    • nikki

      also….Corey DID at one point have a facebook account cause according to Amy and Leah (on Leah’s page) he did help admin the fan page that was made for the family. and yes its true Jordan is a boys name as well, but what guy would have the middle name Elisha lol if you look really good at the pictures it says Jordan Elisha xxxxxxx (the x’s are cause i can’t make out the last name).

      • Kelly

        “but what guy would have the middle name Elisha lol”. I don’t know about middle name, but NFL quarterback Eli Manning’s full FIRST name is Elisha. It’s a biblical name. Old Testament. Check it out.

  • Kelly

    What about Jordan Elisha Humble? I found a person by that name on facebook… that last name could be Humble!

    • cvns14denver

      The last name is def Humble, I read it in other articles. Are we sure the middle name is Elisha?

  • amy

    Elijah is a biblical name.. not elisha

    • Tia

      Elisha was Elijah’s helper and follower, when Elijah was taken up in the chariot of horses and fire to be with the Lord, his honor was passed on to Elisha. Elisha then took Elijah’s place and continued on a prophet.

  • Cam

    & we thought he was the one who cheated right!! This is ridiculous they made Corey out to look so bad when they first got a divorce but it was her all along!

  • courtney

    I think that it was a mistake. Corey and Leah were just fine together and to let something that happened before they got married tear up there marrage. Leah was rong for what she did but did she do anything while she was married NOO she did not and that is why they should stay together they have 2 kids and need to get over it and just be a family.

  • Laura

    also if you watch the episode before the season finale where chelsea is arguing with adam in her car when she gets un the car they show the jeep but after shes in there is a green sticker in her window and the back window is rounded cause she is in the bug!