Pia Toscano calls boyfriend rejection reports ‘garbage’

Pia Toscano performs during American Idol

The New York Post has run an article about the sad fate of Pia Toscano’s “before the fame” and “before the Mark Ballas” boyfriend Carlos Nunez.

It’s not an uncommon story; lover supports their true one’s passion, true one becomes famous via some random reality vehicle and forgets all about said supportive lover.  The Post’s piece characterizes a passionate Queens caterer who not too long ago was sipping cold beer out of plastic cups with Pia but is now heartbroken at the news she has “gone Hollywood” with DWTS dancer hottie Mark Ballas.

As you can imagine haters are gonna hate and a tweeter posted up a little bit about this story and tagged Pia.  This person whom I will not identify has one follower and has only been getting his – her tweet on since, well TODAY!  Here is this person’s anti-Pia propaganda as of this post:

Dude or dudette has some anger management issues when it comes to Mark Ballas and Pia Toscano!  Here was Pia’s retort and dismissal of all this slamming and the New York Post article too:

Pia Toscano dismisses New York Post old boyrfriend article via twitter

Pia Toscano’s alleged Queens king Carlos Nunez was quoted in the report as saying that:

“I’m confident.  We’ve been together for a long time. We have a strong foundation. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”

When The Post asked him to talk about the break-up he answered, “There’s no point.”

We know that Pia knows a thing or two about rejection following her shocking dismissal from American Idol.  Time will tell if this Carlos Nunez person was also the victim of a different but perhaps even more painful Hollywood laced dismissal.