Is Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout engaged to Kyle King?

The tabloids are full of (potentially true?) Teen Mom news this week. They reported that Leah and Corey are getting a divorce, something neither camp has yet denied, but they’re also saying that Maci Bookout is engaged to her boyfriend Kyle King!

A friend reportedly told OK! “Maci and Kyle are engaged!”

Leah was reportedly also seen wearing what looked like an engagement ring in LA while the original Teen Mom cast filmed their reunion with Dr. Drew (the hardest working shrink in showbiz.)

Maci briefly dated Kyle before she had her fling with Ryan Edwards, which resulted in a pregnancy. After things went sour with Ryan, she moved back to Kyle. Although they briefly broke up while filming the show, and seem to have a hard time expressing their affection for each other on camera, Maci has always gushed about how strongly she feels about Kyle, and how she thinks he makes a wonderful father figure for her son Bentley.

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  • dramarama

    I think she’s too immature for marriage. She let’s men walk all over her, Kyle aka bobby hill walked out on her once what makes her think he won’t do it again? I think he just wants to be on tv because isn’t he tryin to make it big in the motocross world? Bently has a dad, Ryan, and like he said ” ain’t nothing good enough for you(maci) dang”.

    • jalissababe

      Are u serious. She’s the best mom there’s EVER been on this show. Shut up you’re just jealous.:P

    • Lakeciaaaaa

      lmao, your name suits you well.
      Maci is a good mom, probably the best on the show.
      Pretty sure your just jealous. :)

  • carmarc

    I follow Leah on Twitter and she already stated that rumor is false.

    • Joce

      i believe you mean Maci,

      MaciBookoutMTV Maci Bookout
      im not engaged #fortherecord
      16 Apr

  • jalissababe

    If they are getting married I am SO happy for them:) He’d be a better dad and husband than Ryan:( CONGRATS!

  • Paige Myrissa

    what people need to remember is that if these events will appear on the show, they cant say anything either way. They’re under contract with MTV and cant spill the beans about what is coming up in the next season. That being said, I really hope this one is true :)

  • Sally

    Is it me or does Bentley look more like Kyle than Ryan or Maci?

    • Lakeciaaaaa

      they wouldnt be going through child support if the kid was not Ryan’s.