AUDIO Lady Gaga “Judas” single leaks, release date pushed up

Lady Gaga wears a see-through plastic nun costume during The Monster Ball Tour

It seems that in this day and age of the internet and unavoidable leakage musicians should begin releasing their new singles as soon as they sing the last note in the studio! The latest victim is once again Lady Gaga whose new single “Judas” found its way onto the internet earlier today, which in turn forced the single’s release date to be moved up four days!

Originally scheduled for an April 19 release, Judas is now CURRENTLY AVAILABLE on iTunes! That’s right, the music industry may not be adept at addressing leaks proactively but they are getting pretty light on their feet when it comes to dealing with them reactively!

Annnnnnyways, enough of the jibber jabber, here’s the song for ya:

New Gaga by matt-stopera

Sadly the leaked audio has not forced an early release of the music video for the song, which features Lady Gag as Mary Magdalene and already has Catholic church officials up in arms.

Top Photo: Lady Gaga performing live at the Bank Atlantic Center as part of ‘The Monster Ball’ tour – Sunrise, Florida – April 12, 201111