Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s baby-daddy Jonathan “Jo” Rivera arrested for being under the influence of marijuana

Kailyn Lowry's baby-daddy was arrested for being under the influence of marijuana

Disclaimer: The above image is just the result of silly Photoshop work on a show screenshot.

The topsy-turvy world of Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry just became even more unsettled.  The father of her son Isaac, Jonathan Rivera, who goes by Jo on the show was arrested for being under the influence of marijuana on Sunday!

UPDATE – CLICK HERE to see Jo’s mug shot photos from the arrest!

LehighValleyLive is reporting that Mr. Rivera was out with his older brother Edward late Sunday evening and was pulled over by Lopatcong Township police when they noticed sparks coming out from under Edward’s car.  During this routine traffic stop police arrested both Jonathan and Edward for getting their Jenelle Evans on, otherwise known as being under the influence of marijuana.

Also during the stop, Jo mentioned he was on Teen Mom but the officer claims that he didn’t try to use this notoriety to get out of trouble.  Maybe he feared that the police officers watched the show!

Edward was charged for driving under the influence, being under the influence of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and driving an unsafe vehicle.  Do you think Jonathan was as critical of his brother’s driving habits as he was of Kailyn’s?  Hard to keep track of the mileage on the car when you’re under the influence of marijuana I suppose.

A report filed by NJ.com states that, “Both men were released pending a court appearance.”

As I reported in a previous post Kailyn has filed for sole custody of Isaac.  I’m not sure on the particulars of that legal situation but Kailyn mentioned recently in a tweet that Isaac was going to be with his daddy so I’m assuming they still share custody.

A fan of Kailyn’s asked her the following:

And Kailyn responded with this answer:

It will be interesting to see if Jonathan’s arrest will have any legal ramifications in regards to custody over Isaac.

*Please note that Jonathan was only arrested and is not in jail – the top photo was doctored by our team of sensationalist graphic designers.

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  • Ashley Robins

    She should definitely get custody of Issac because I would not want my child especially my son to be around a pothead “father”. He’s already screwed up.

  • brinneee

    He does that & other drugs. So obvious.

    • Delia

      so, because he smokes pot he does other drugs? way to make assumptions. i smoke pot, and thats ALL i do.

      • Grace_S

        It doesn’t matter if marijuana is all he does or does other drugs. It’s ILLEGAL! Why would anyone want their child around illegal behavior? He is a horrible role model for his son.

  • mckenzie

    it is so obvious the picture above is photoshopped. that pic is from a scene from an episode already aired when they took issac to the park. kail’s bag is directly right of him. HORRIBLE editing. who cares if he smoked? the baby wasn’t with him. and brittneeeee…maybe you should take some drugs and lighten up.

    • TMon

      McK —> They state in the writeup that the image was doctored – way to figure that out Sherlock Holmes!

      • mckenzie

        it still doesnt change the fact that its horrible

        • Netty

          For real, i think thi is from them going to the pool actually. When Jo wouldnt have anything to do with her n Isaac n sat on the bench… but yeah horrible editing

  • Shilo

    I am sure Jo goingto jai will have some kind of negative affect for him during the custody case.

  • Jen

    Wonder what dear old Mommy and Daddy think of him now…..maybe they will open their eyes to his asshole behavior.