PHOTOS Vanessa Hudgens gets a butterfly tattoo on her neck

Vanessa Hudgens butterfly tattoo photo

This is what happens when you start hanging out with sexy rebel lesbian MTV hosts! Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens fell under the influence of Australia’s Ruby Rose late last night and as a result her skin lost its virginity… to a tattoo!

Van Huddy had the procedure done at BangBang Tattoos in New York City, who have a celbritatt resume that includes Rihanna, Katy Perry and of course Ruby Rose. The entire thing was documented via Ruby’s twitter account, which started innocently enough by announcing she was having dinner with Vanessa before tweeting this confession:

Please dont blame me.. But i may have convinced Vanessa hudgens to get a tattoo… Now. Her first.. By bang bang


Vanessa is deciding between her neck or ribs what do you guys think?

She then tweeted a photo that revealed Vanessa’s decision:

Vanessa Hudgens gets a butterfly neck tattoo at BangBang Tattoos in New York City

After that there was the finished product photo (top) that shows Vanessa Hudgens’ butterfly tattoo on the lower left back side of her neck. Here it is zoomed in and lightened up a bit:

Close-up photo of Vanessa Hudgens butterfly tattoo on her neck

That there is what they call in the tattoo industry (and on celebrity blogs) a badass butterfly tattoo! I guess if you’re going to hang with the “bad” crowd and get yourself inked up it’s much better to do it in New York City with Ruby Rose and wind up at one of the best tattoo shops on the planet instead of guzzling a few brews and hooking up with your friend who runs a makeshift tattoo parlor out of the back of his van with a ball point pen and a cigarette lighter.

Personally, I don’t have any tattoos. But, I can guarantee you that if I spent 15 minutes with Ruby Rose I’d probably be in the chair too – or wherever else she wanted me to be.

But Ruby isn’t completely without fear – there are still a few things that can cause her to trimble! She tweeted this just after posting the final photo:

Im scurrrred, Mickey mouse will wait out side my house with an AK47

Ruby – Thanks so much for risking you life to not only Ruby Rosify Vanessa but also document it and share it with the rest of us! I can’t believe Mickey Mouse (or anyone else for that matter) is going to come after anyone with a shoulder blade like this one:

Ruby Rose's amazing back tattoo by BangBang Tattoos

Yeah, that’s Ruby’s and yeah that’s by BangBang Tattoos.