TEEN MOM 2 Javi Marroquin ‘disgusted’ by Kailyn Lowry, is ‘going after everything’


Javi Marroquin has directly addressed the very public feud between himself and Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry.

The couple, who share son Lincoln, have been going back and forth on Twitter with their seemingly private grievances aired for everyone to see. US reached out to Javi and he made it absolutely clear that he’s absolutely done with his former spouse.

Marroquin said:

“I’m disgusted when I look at her… I thought things were really great. A very reliable source came up to me and brought some new things to light that I didn’t know about, so all of that went right out the window.”


Their Twitter beef ignited when Javi commented about the episode of TM2 that aired Monday night. “I thought we divorced cause she didn’t want more kids? That’s weird,” he wrote prompting Kail to retort, “You blamed me for miscarrying & our marriage was toxic. Why would I want more kids with you?”

Javi explained himself further to US:

“That was last season and I apologized for that, and I have my own little theory that will come up eventually, but if she wants to keep throwing that around, so be it. I already apologized on camera to her and she’s lucky I was sleeping when she said that because I had a comeback but she deleted it by the time I woke up.”

A “source close to Lowry” had this to say about what Javi had to say, “Regardless of how he feels about Kail, they will be in each other’s lives essentially forever because of Lincoln. The past needs to remain the past and nothing personal regarding their relationship should continue to be discussed online.”

Kailyn did tweet the following 6LACK lyric after the US interview was shared that could be interpreted as a shot at Javi:

As for Marroquin, he says he’s no longer willing to be flexible with the remaining details that he needs to sort out with Kailyn in regards to their divorce. “She was so adamant that that was her house when it was really my house. It’s in both of our names, that one, but the rental property is just in my name. With the information that was brought up to me, that’s no longer happening. We’re gonna split everything down the middle and I’m gonna go after everything I’m entitled to,” he explained.