Real Housewives’ Taylor Armstrong before lip injection photos!

Andy Cohen has kissed them, so he knows they feel like pillows for the Gods, but Taylor Armstrong’s lips aren’t exactly photogenic.

Many believed that her over-sized pout was the result of diligent lip injections, but it turns out that Taylor had a lip implants in her early twenties, just like Lisa Rinna. It looks like Taylor’s turned out a bit better than Lisa’s, who has recently gotten hers taken out.

When a caller asked about her plastic surgery on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, here’s what Taylor had to say (shortly before she made out with Andy on-air):

“I had it done in my early twenties, and I don’t know if I would do over it again. But it would require surgery for me to change it now, and I don’t know if that’s something that I would want to jump into either.”

Taylor and Andy’s pillowy lip-lock:

Above is a young Taylor before implants or injections, and below is Taylor presently. Taylor had temple injections on-air from Adrienne Maloof’s husband Dr. Paul Nassif (who, incidently, makes his patients sign a gag order), but she may have also had a nose job:

Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery, lip injections?

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  • Iani

    Every time I watch her show or her I can’t stop staring at her awful lips- ladies- thin lips look better than duck lips. Taylor’s lips look like a ducks bill to me. You can clearly see where the line of her original lips were and I can tell she would look much better if she had kept them original. It looks like she draws on a liner a half inch around her top lip, not attractive.

    • Lanie

      I think she is very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    Howbcould she go on tv with those lips. They look like 2 night crawlers (worms)

  • Louisa

    She has an enormous mouth to begin with. She should have gotten a mouth reduction, if there is such a thing. She looks like a clown.

  • Karen

    OMG! I cannot believe she goes out in public looking like that! I agree she does look like a clown. Which ever doctor implanted those “duck lips” should be ashamed of himself/herself. Keep trying to convince yourself you look good. Please,you look ridiculouse.

  • Linda

    Well at least they are phasing her out of the show so we won’t have to look at her ugly lips anymore. She says she wants them fixed but she should of thought of that before she decided to inject them with fillers. Grossly horrible. Leave the botox alone please…Enough with the plastic surgery, you are looking like that cat woman….UGHHH