PHOTOS VIDEO: Bow Wow’s alleged new baby-mama Miss Joie

Bow Wow Miss Joie

MediaTakeOut has released another rapper is going to be a daddy story but this time it doesn’t involve Kanye West or Kim Kardashian.  The credible source targets this go around are Bow Wow and a mind altering hot video model who goes by the name Miss Joie.

From the post filed my MTO they state: caught wind of a VERY CREDIBLE rumor, that rapper Bow Wow is about to be a daddy . . .His babys moms, some video chick/groupie named Miss Joie. Congrats girl, you LANDED A GOOD ONE

The post then goes on to show photos of the two holding hands and then later an extremely blurry image of what could be taken as a pregnant photograph of the sexilicious video vixen.

UPDATE: Bow Wow has penned a heart felt letter admitting that he’s a father and that his baby girl helped him out of a place that was so bad he considered suicide. You can catch up with the latest here.

I’m not sure if this will quickly fall by the wayside like the Kardashian-West report did but I DO KNOW that it was a real tough assignment having to weed through photos and videos to provide our readers with some visual Miss Joie awesomeness.  This may turn out to be speculation but I certainly understand how Miss Joie would make a man consider procreation.  You dogs ready for a redonkulous vid and photos?  I thought so!

First up is a video filed by some site called Showgirlz.  From this point I feel it necessary to inform our readers that there doesn’t seem to be a dang thang SFW about Miss Joie:

Girl fills out a bikini and makes those tattoo’s look like body art.  Here are some choice screen shots from Joie’s above photo shoot.

Bow Wow's alleged baby-mama is video model Miss Joie Bow Wow's alleged baby-mama is video model Miss Joie

It’s always the perception that these video babes are looking for a little gold to dig from the rich artists they perform for.  Well if that’s the case here all I can say is congrats to Miss Joie and I can’t hate on you Bow Wow.

All Images: YouTube

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  • anyomous

    hmmm he’s about to be a daddy and i just spotted him in Texas grinding with somebody girlfriend at sum club. Not too long ago he was tweeting Ciara. He’s a bout to be a daddy huh. What a dumbass…

    • Jones

      He Is stupid

  • Logan


  • Hater Free

    If Bow is happy, I’m happy. So far as looks and all around sexiness goes, at least as evidenced by these pictures, he could do worse.

  • Gapping your legs don’t make you a mother

    Reality. He should have used a condom if he wasn’t ready to get married and have a family. There are waaaaay to many children who grow up with crazy mommas and dads who are absent because of the drama. Wasn’t no drama when he was all up in you so baby mommas need to stop tripping and let these dads spend time with their children. She wanted to get pregnant or she wouldn’t have. Same for him. I feel sorry for the child who came out of a female known to the world for her nakedness. Sad…very, very sad. Hopefully she will listen to some sound advise and cover herself as well as protect her child from mess and foolishness.