Ferris Beuller 2? Watch full video of Matthew Broderick’s Superbowl Honda commercial

Last week Matthew Broderick raised all of our hopes when he released a 10 second teaser on YouTube of him reprising his iconic title role from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. The internet (and our hearts) buzzed with anticipation that a Ferris Beuller sequel was in the works (a grown-up Ferris calling in sick for his cubicle job? brilliant.) Of course a big clue that this wasn’t the deal was the date at the end: 2.5.12, Superbowl Day.

Turns out it IS just a Super Bowl ad for the Honda CR-V, not a super awesome feature film that helps us escape the monotony of our lives by watching Ferris escape the monotony of his. But it’s still a pretty darn good commercial:

Long live playing hooky! (Can you imagine how much Matthew got paid for this amazingness?)


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