Is Teen Mom’s Amber still with Gary?

Amber Portwood and her baby Leah’s father Gary Shirley have undergone more than their share of drama.

Ever since Amber got pregnant and invited MTV’s cameras into their lives, it’s been nothing but explosive fighting (sometimes violent) interrupted by rare peaceful interludes. They’ve been engaged at least twice on camera, and broken up a million times.

Are they together now?

According to the last People Magazine, Amber, who’s eternally stressed out about dropped out of school, is still struggling to complete her GED but has found time to lose weight and get fit.  She’s wearing Gary’s ring as a means to “signify their pledge to stop fighting,” but they’re currently not engaged.

Amber explains, “We made that decision because of Leah. I don’t want her to see that and think it’s okay.”

But she adds there’s still hope for the Amber and Gary roller-coaster to continue it’s whirl, “But he’s a great dad, and there’s a possibility [of reconciliation.

UPDATE: As of 10/11/10 Amber and Gary are together and have exchanged promise rings.

Click here to witness Amber and Gary’s awkward second engagement.

  • emily

    He has to man up and get it together. This horrible, trashy girl needs counseling, anger management and parenting classes. She is abusing the father of her child. Yes, it is called domestic violence even when it is the woman doing the hitting. I don’t understand why he stays with her. She is just awful, and I hope that child protective services investigates her. Watching her makes me sick, she is horribly violent.

    • Ion

      I was in the same situation when I was younger. I too stayed in the relationship and tried to work things out. But Gary will see one day that its not worth it. You cant make somebody love you, no matter how hard you try. It seems that Amber is on medication, but thats still not an excuse. If I were Gary, I would use the footage from the show to remove the baby from the house. Amber needs to grow up, and realize that she is lucky to have a guy like Gary.

    • starr

      Amen, Em! And yes, they’re back together…I saw them eating in TN on October 6.

  • Lisa

    if that was guy and was hitting his girl everyone would be so upset and would not want a child around that! Amber doesn’t deserve to have Leah and Leah will grow up to think abuse is ok!

  • leah

    lisa i dont think so go hate somewhere else