Amber Portwood working hard to get out of prison, aiming for October release


In a recent interview, Teen Mom vet Amber Portwood discussed the steady progress she’s been making behind bars and how she’s “working her a** off” to get out of prison.

Her daughter Leah’s father Gary Shirley has primary custody and Amber’s mom has taken Leah to see Amber on a number of occasions. She says that it’s these moments that motivate her to hunker down, do what’s right and earn an early release.

“I did my TABE testing for my GED placement and I did really well. I scored in the advance book so I was very excited. So now I’m in GED classes on weekdays,” Amber told Radar. She added, “I got my scores back and I had college level scores in English. And I got a perfect 12.9 in social studies and science. I have 11 months of GED every Saturday here in CLIFF (Clean Lifestyle IS Freedom Forever) really paid off.”

Amber stated that she will get to test for her GED in August which could equate to a release as early as October. She said:

“I’m so excited and I’m really working hard studying so I can score high on the GED test. I’m working my a** off to get out of here!”

A week before the interview with Radar Leah visited Amber. “Booboo sat on my lap the whole time we were playing games had a few snacks. She’s so beautiful. She has long blonde hair down to her butt now and she’s getting tall. I can’t wait to get out and spend time with her,” Amber revealed.

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