Simona Halep before and after breast reduction surgery photos

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep shocked her growing male fan base when she announced that she would be having breast reduction surgery because her 34DD breasts were causing her to have severe back pain and were affecting her performance on the court.

Despite a fan petition pleading for her to reconsider, Halep went through with the surgery, reducing her bra size to a more manageable 34C.

Halep addressed her fans’ concerns by explaining:

‘It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play.

‘I don’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.’

Here’s a video of Simona Halep playing prior to the procedure and I think it’s rather obvious (despite the awesomeness) how difficult it was for her to play.

After spending last summer recovering from the procedure, Halep returned to the courts sans her infamous double faults at the 2010 French Open in May. The 2008 French Open junior champion was ranked 114 in the world at the time but lost to Australian Samantha Stosur in the opening round.

Most recently Halep played in the US Open, but once again her new shrinky dinks didn’t seem to help as she lost to Jelena Jankovic of Serbia August 31, 2010.

Here are some more before and after photos of Simona

* These photos have since been deleted by the image service we purchased them from.

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  • josef

    I think she is beautiful either way, besides, she has a pair of legs that would make any woman jealous. Tennis is a sport, not a porn site. The large breasts do not make the woman.

    She doesn’t need any petition to make a decision. She is a great Tennis player. That’s what she should be judged for, now the porn geeks can go away and the true tennis fan can focus on the game again.

    Do we really want the stands to turn into todays golf galley.

  • aaron

    She should of kept the huge puppies! Such a waste, if she had to quit tennis she would of made a fortune in porn 😉

  • ko

    i disagree with josef, breasts do make a woman, else they wouldn’t be called women! I disagree with surgery for cosmetic enhancement, she should have just dome some push ups. or bech presses – or tried to reduce them naturally.

  • Outsider

    This is disgusting. She’s mutilated herself for what? Some steps up the WTA ladder? Really? To go from rank 234 by the time of her surgery in 2009 to rank 1137 in 2011? She just didn’t feel comfortable with them and decided to have them cut off. That’s all. Just like some other people feel better with no legs or arms and mutilate themselves to have a nice stump, instead an undesired limb. I call that being ill. What’s more, nobody seems to see that, according to her, this is a competitive alteration of her body. And I add, that’s what dopping is for!!!! I would ban this woman playing professional tennis forever.

    • anon.

      This is suck an ignorant comment .. having large breast is painfully and it sure does not affect how much of a woman you are. It does affect your back and neck more than you can imagine. And it is a choice that a lot of woman take for comfort not for looks..its not mutilation it is a medical treatment to avoid further damage to the back .. push ups and bench press won’t make those go away unless you have large breasts because your fat…try walking around with two 5 lbs bags around your neck all day before you judge someone’s decision like that with such ignorance.

    • Random

      And she’s World Number 4 today. How about that?

    • Christopher Boyer

      You are an ass.

  • Lee

    The comments about others personal choices here are vacuous and purile.

  • Satman1w

    If she had decided to enlarge them, we would not have this discussion….

    She must have had her own reasons, and whatever she has decided, it is her body and she is free to do with it whatever she wants.

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