VIDEOS – Teen Mom’s Butch Baltierra goes to rehab; Catelynn’s mom April deals by verbally abusing her

Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell has a really crappy family situation. Recently on the show she was asked to leave her boyfriend Tyler’s house and had to return to her mother and stepfather’s abode (note: to further complicate matters, Catelynn’s step-dad Butch is Tyler’s dad, but Catelynn and Tyler started dating first.)

She was upset about leaving Tyler, but also upset about returning to that situation; saying that things would be good at first, and then return to a bad state. And that’s exactly what happened with Butch, who has a significant criminal record and drug problem (his claim’s it’s cocaine on the show), was court ordered to attend rehab, leaving Catelynn alone with her mom April and baby brother.

Below is a clip where April sits Catelynn down for new rules since she’s 18, adding, “So when Butch comes home the Sh*T you guys are doing now ain’t gonna be happening.”

Catelynn remains calm throughout the encounter and quietly asks “Like what stuff, Ma?”

“Coming home whenever you feel like it, leaving whenever you want, not doing anything around the house. You don’t do nothin. You sit in your f*ckin’ room all day long and eat and do whatever you do in there. It’s supposed to be a family unit, not your unit, MY unit.”

The argument soon turns to the fact that April and Butch wanted Catelynn and Tyler to keep their baby, and they’ve since harbored resentment about their decision to given her up for adoption. April also seems upset that Catelynn doesn’t hang out with her, and explodes into a rage: “Sit in your f*ckin’ room until you rot! You’re such an asshole, I swear to God. You’re gonna live hear and not communicate with me, or associate with me, you can start paying me f*ckin rent and be a F*ckin roommate. Condescending b!tch!”

This is definitely a situation of emotional and verbal abuse. April had a real point if Catelynn doesn’t help out around the house, and/or try to go to school and get a job, but that’s not the real reason she yelled at her daughter and called her names. She deeply feels hurt and rejected by Catelynn’s mature decision to give up her baby because what that really means is her current family environment wasn’t good enough to introduce a baby into. That probably hurts even worse since April herself has a very young child, who happened to be sitting right next to Catelynn on the couch listening to the whole attack.

The peek MTV gives us into this family reveals no real coping mechanisms beyond verbal and substance abuse. Catelynn has the deck stacked against her, but at least she was able to endure that situation without lashing out. Hopefully she’ll find a way to move out on her own one day, with or without Tyler.