TEEN MOM 2 Adam Lind arrested again for violating no contact order

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind arrested again 2017

Chelsea DeBoer’s ex Adam Lind has been arrested again and is currently behind bars after allegedly violating a no contact order put in place after his arrest last month for domestic assault.

The news broke via the @tm2deadbeat Instagram account earlier today, and a quick check of online records indicates that at the time of this post Adam is still an inmate in the Minnehaha County Jail. He was booked at 3:47PM local time and no bond has been set yet. The charge against him is listed as “Violation of Conditional Bond No Contact in Domestic Arrest.”

@tm2deadbeat says that the no contact order was for Adam’s ex Brooke Beaton, who he has reportedly started seeing again despite the fact that their previous relationship ended after she had Adam jailed for domestic stalking in December of 2014. Prior to that arrest, Brooke filed a restraining order and said at the time that Adam “has a very bad temper” before adding: “I am very scared for my safety and for my children’s [safety].”

The domestic stalking charges were later dismissed, due in part to Adam sharing text message conversations between himself and Brooke that seemed to back up his side of the story.

In between her relationships with Adam, Brooke went viral after participating in an anti-domestic violence photo campaign with the hash tag #SilenceHidesViolence. The graphic photos of Brooke showed her with two black eyes and extensive bruising less than a week after a violent altercation with her boyfriend at the time:

Brooke Beaton domestic violence abuse photo

The @tm2deadbeat Instagram account, which at this point has established a sterling record of accuracy when it comes to Adam Lind news, also claims that Adam has moved back in with his parents and is renting out his house due to financial issues.

It should also be pointed out that another of Adam’s exes, Stasia Huber, also filed for a protection order from him. She says that Adam tried to contact her on November 2, the same day he was arrested for assaulting his other girlfriend — who is believed to be Brooke.

Adam’s history of blatantly disregarding the law, placing others in danger (via multiple DUI arrests plus numerous assault charges), and unrepentant smugness make it very difficult to have any sympathy for him, but it really sounds like he is currently in a really bad downward spiral. I hope something happens to pull him out of it before he harms himself or someone else.

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  • sysmjp

    Stasia Huber – from fiance to no contact order. SMH. I thought he was a good man?

    • It’s me

      What made you think he was a good man?
      I cant think of 1 thing he did as a good man.
      The yelling that he wants to sign his rights over, the dui’s, car accidents, beating women…i will be here all day listing hoe he NOT a good man but not showing up to take his daughter to a father daughter dance is probably the most pathetic.
      Thank god Chelsea found a GREAT Man & daddy. Cole is more of a man then that loser can ever be

  • Kat

    Poor Aubrey…it’s not easy having an addict for a father…even with Cole in her life it will affect her adulthood.

    • It’s me

      If he loved & cared about Aubree he would sign his rights over like he wanted to when she was a baby so she can have a real Dad
      The Dad that has been taking her to father daughter dances but cant spend Fathers Day with Cole a REAL man….a REAL DAD

  • It’s me

    I beat Chelsea is wonder how she shedded 1 tear over this LOOSER.

  • Jennifer Jameson

    Who takes a glamour photo like that with 2 black eyes? I know it was for domestic abuse, but she looks like she’s trying to take a glamour shot or something with duck lips!

  • Stacey J

    Who takes a photo like this while making sure to have applied mascara first?